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  1. Perjury Saint

    H.F.B... Sept '15

    A late autumn morning spent lurking in a HUGE decommissioned blast furnace, dodging trains and security patrols? Yep... That'll do nicely!   . . . H F B . . .                           by                 As always, thanks for...
  2. SpiderMonkey

    Holy Nurse, Oct 14

    Hello OS. Here's another location from a recent euro tour :) Visited with AndyK!, Kriegaffe, Vals Darkroom and a non member. Nice little place here, a lot to offer, enjoy! :) Cheers :thumb
  3. SpiderMonkey

    Pritzer Fac - 2014

    Pritzer Fac Not much history i can find on this one due to it being codenamed everywhere. Inside it looks as if it closed in stages since around 1995. Such a great spot and was deffo my favorite on the Euro tour. Some really nice features scattered here. After finding out we missed a few...
  4. Timster1973

    Maison Docteur P - visited May 2014 [RATHER PICCY HEAVY]

    Evening all, Been back about 3 weeks now and probably a month since my last report on Duga 3. I don't tend to process that quickly as I find it a pleasure to take my time and not power through them. Unfortunately this has resulted in quite a backlog so have uploaded more or less all I wanted to...
  5. Wevsky

    Belgium A short mix if euro derps BE may 2013

    These are the shots that even i cant stretch to a report on each of them.. So i thought id lump them into a combined report. Uni l L'ecole Labryinth IM cooling tower One more report at some point then im done..thanks for putting up with the huge amount of reportage!
  6. oldskool

    Belgium A few locations from our last euro tour .....;-) June 2012

    First of a completely trashed Chinese gaff held a few photographic chances visited with Critical Mass & Host ......Cite Le Dragon 1. 2. 3. 4. Next Fort Chatreus another rather beaten location but with loads of character a must visit location if your in Belgium , Bumped into...
  7. T

    Euro Site

    Very good and freindly site for euro stuff I think you need to register first, and keep google translator open as its in dutch but some very stunning places to be found :thumb :thumb