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  1. JohnAgnelo

    Mansion by the river (second visit)

    As i promise i came back on the other day to this wonderfull house, this time someone was there and some of the windows where open. A take some photos with this incredible light. And finally explored the rest of the house, it has some really big rooms, each one more beautiful than the other. I...
  2. Perjury Saint

    Chez Bobonne... Sept '15

    An abandoned farm somewhere in the Belgian countryside... LOVELY!! ...Chez Bobonne...                     Thanks for 'avin a gander :-D  
  3. Perjury Saint

    France Forge Lunaire... Oct '15

    Another euro weekender and we were lucky enough to find ourselves in this MASSIVE  French steel works...   ...FORGE LUNAIRE...                             As always... Thanks for takin' a look...    
  4. The_Raw

    Tata Steel Europe, Scunthorpe

    More bad news for the steel industry, perhaps good news for the UE industry? One to keep an eye on for sure.
  5. Perjury Saint

    Manoir de Baron Rouge... Dec '14

    I've been gagging to see this one since it popped up over 12 months ago, but soon after it appeared it became a no go! Sealed!! :( Fast forward a year or so and it reappears! :) Game on!! ...Manoir de Baron Rouge... ... ... ... As always... Thanks for lookin...
  6. SpiderMonkey

    Theatre Jeusette, Oct 2014

    Greetings OS, me again. Just got back from an ace tour with AndyK, Kriegaffe and a non-member. We also met up with Vals Darkroom for the weekend (Nice to meet you :) ) We visited some sweet locations and although this one has been a bit trashed it's still a nice place with a fair bit to offer...
  7. Perjury Saint

    The Little Green House... June '14

    I'm gonna miss out a couple of locations from me n Oldskools recent 'Euro Derpation' and skip on to this remarkable little house... Absolutely rammed with dusty memories and little trinkets, I could have EASILY spent all day here... 'The Little Green House' Thanks...
  8. Perjury Saint

    Raven Church... June '14

    Off to Europe again! Belgium, Luxembourg and a bit of France thrown in for good measure... Met up with that Oldskool fella and kicked off the exploratory proceedings with this fantastic church... and a bacon n egg sarnie... ...Raven Church... Thanks for lookin'... More up...
  9. Timster1973

    Zone Braams - visited May 2014

    Afternoon all, Another regular spot on the tour trail and now sadly demo'd. Zone Braams. This is an old NATO satellite communication control centre. It was built in 1969 and started communication in 1971. Apparently, a new satellite is going to be built here now the old one has gone. Didn't...
  10. Perjury Saint

    Maison L'Oiseau Bleu... April '14

    Yes... Another abandoned house in the depths of Derpville! 'Maison L'Oiseau Bleu' Well, that's the last tours photos done n dusted... More to come though as ive just got back from another! TA FOR LOOKIN IN!!
  11. Timster1973

    Maison Rouf Rouf - Visited May 2014

    Evening all, Another Belgium residential, this time a small dwelling in the countryside that was a little small for four guys but we managed. Not much known on the history besides the owners come and check on it from time to time but we went early on our last day and did the business before...
  12. Perjury Saint

    GIGAWATT... April '14

    The penultimate site on my last Euro jaunt was this MONSTER... Easy in, splendid weather and I had the place to myself for the morning... Industrial porn of the HIGHEST calibre... BOSTIN!! :thumb Thanks for lookin in :)
  13. Perjury Saint

    Cenobium B... April '14

    Not sure what to say about this one... No idea about the history or really what it was! Family home? Religious order of some sort? One part looked like it could've been used for a shop... :dunno: Maybe one of our Euro counterparts could throw some light on it...All I know is its BLOODY...
  14. Perjury Saint

    Maison Theo... April '14

    Yep... Another quirky abandoned house somewhere within the confines of a small European town... :) ...Maison Theo... Thanks for lookin in... :thumb
  15. Perjury Saint

    Dr Dents... April '14

    Stop off No 4 and one of the sites I was REALLY looking forward to... On a quiet German street, in a quiet German town lies this remarkable old dentists house, with its surgery left pretty much as it was when it saw its last patient... Without a doubt one of my BEST explores yet!! Hope you...
  16. Perjury Saint

    Manoir DP... April '14

    2nd stop on my recent Euro jaunt was this DELIGHTFUL Belgian manor house... Chock full of bits n pieces AND people by the time I had to go! Really is VERY popular at the moment and its easy to see why... ...MANOIR DP... Thanks for looking... Germany up next :)
  17. Perjury Saint

    Dr G's Eurology Emporium... April '14

    Yet another abandoned doctors house full of goodies! Furniture, clothes, books, medical implements and THOSE medicine cabinets!! Wanted this one BADLY! So I was over the moon to finally get it... ...Dr G's Eurology Emporium... More Euro lovelies coming soon...
  18. Timster1973

    Partischule N / DDR Horshal - visited March 2014

    Morning all, Second visit to this large complex of buildings after the first time was a fail due to not getting access. This building is just one of a large complex of buildings which were built in the 1930's as National Socialistic Political Educational Institution during the Third Reich...
  19. Timster1973

    Schloss H - visited March 2014

    Evening all, Another location during March's trip saw one of two revisits which involved this place and Dr Annas. The last time we visited was last October with bad light, lots of rain (set here: As you can see...
  20. Perjury Saint

    N.K.P.S: 'Maison Morphine' Nov '13

    Day 2, site 2 on the 'N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour' and after an unexpected lay in at Motel Das Wahlfart and a quick breakfast of coffee, Belgian pastries and roll ups we arrived at the one at the top of our list, and BOY did it deliver!! An abandoned doctors surgery... Implements and drugs still...