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  1. mookster

    GKN Shadow Factory, Smethwick Dec '11 & Feb '12

    This is by far one of my favourite places I have been to, which is odd as I try and avoid underground stuff a fair bit! It used to form part of the enormous Guest, Keen & Nettlefold Screws & Fasteners factory in Smethwick, most of the factory has been flattened or is used as industrial...
  2. Nelly

    Marconi Radio Factory - Chelmsford - July 2011

    The Marconi Radio Factory, Chelmsford This was a return visit after getting busted by plod in March after only 20 minutes. Back then we only touched the out buildings but had seen enough for it to be put on the back burner. With my new baby daughter expected within the week then I was under...
  3. Nelly

    Marconi Radio Factory - Chelmsford - March 2011

    The Marconi Radio Factory Visited with Skeleton Key, Priority 7 and Tstranger1066. This was the 2nd stop on our day trip to Chelmsford. The place looks absolutely fantastic, full of bits and bobs, but unfortunately after only 20 minutes we got nabbed by 4 really amicable members of Essex Plod...
  4. Maniac

    Great Britain Marconi New Street Factory, Chelmsford - April 2010

    I wanted to go here more for personal reasons than anything else. My mum grew up in Chelmsford, and she and her mum and a lot of their friends all worked for Marconi at different times. Well what can I say it sure is a mess - pikeys and graffiti artists have been at play here. Having said that...
  5. Shadow

    Great Britain Lace Factory - Nottingham - 24/03/09

    In the time after my recent fame in teh nooospaper of doom I received a rather interesting email. From the owner of a derelict factory stating that it was to be redeveloped and that he wanted some photos of it before it was changed forever. Now let me explain, that this is not a report, but...
  6. vanishing days

    Cliffe Brick Factory - Isle Of Grain - 2008

    was told this was an old brick factory stumbled accross it with miss vanishing days
  7. vanishing days

    CLiffe Gunpowder Factory - kent - 2008

    Dont really no much about this stumbled across it looking for cliffe fort remeber some one told me it was a gun powder factory not much of the place left climing skills came in handy
  8. vanishing days

    Great Britain Shorts Brother Sea Plane Factory Rochester 2008

    After spending many many hours down shorts tunnels i went slighltly mad but was well worth it went down one day when it was dark came back out and it was dark again. ive finally sorted through my 10gb of pictures sorry for all the pics. if ive got any of the details wrong let me no and ill...