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  1. crabb

    The new Falcon House 28th july 18

    As usual with our explores, they are never really a walk in the park. Access to the building itself was a challenge as the top area in which we needed to go was locked off completely. Thankfully, being quite adapted to the tasks at hand, we managed to ride on top of a lift to gain access to the...
  2. crabb

    Falcon House, Swindon, UK

    Falcon house. It's been in Swindon since the early days of this towns birth and has been sat empty and abandoned for 16 years.   It was said to be the very first headquarters for the well known company zurich, an insurance company, but was promptly moved to a more practical and efficient...
  3. The_Raw

    The Millennium Falcon, in a galaxy far far away.... May 2016

    As a Star Wars fan since my childhood and hearing rumours of the Millennium Falcon landing nearby I knew it was my destiny to explore it. We took a BBQ and some beers into the forest of Endor and set up camp. After fending off a few horny ewoks and getting ourselves a couple of hours sleep we...
  4. macc_explore

    Falcon Pottery, Stoke on Trent - February 2016

    The Explore Last explore of the day this one and not a bad one at all, as with lots of places I've seen lately I think we were a good few years to late for this one. Still a really interesting explore though and gives a real insight into an industry that was huge in that area at one time.. The...
  5. Punk

    Falcon Pottery Works (J.H. Weatherby & Sons), Stoke-on-Trent - Nov '15

    Explored with Lost Explorer, The Wombat and a non-member History The Falcon Works Hanley, was owned by J. H. Weatherby & Sons Ltd who established a works on site in 1891. The works originally specialized in earthenware but later went on to produce fine porcelain. The former extant hovel...
  6. Landie_Man

    J.H. Weatherbys (Falcon Works), Stoke-on-Trent – May 2015

    For a few months, Mookie and I had been planning a little Euro Derp trip; but funds forced us to stay on homeland. As we all know, most stuff is up North, so we decided to take 4 days off, book 3 nights in 2 different Premier Inns in the North and crack a whole list of Northern Sites. I picked...
  7. mookster

    J.H. Weatherby's Falcon Works, Stoke-on-Trent May '15

    A visit to this place has been a loooooong time coming for me. It first foiled me when I turned up in 2011 and found it sealed, and again a couple of years after that the same story sadly repeated itself. On something of a fail day around Stoke on the first leg of mine and Landie Man's big...
  8. The Elusive

    Imposter Pottery Factory! Accidental, PREVIOUSLY UNREPORTED !! ( Visited Nov 2013)

    What a giggle! Through a quick chat with BangoEX; myself and another explorer went to what I thought was Falcon Pottery works, It wasnt until I got back having photographed it and had a really confusing conversation we figured out I'd gone somewhere different. Ive managed to figure out what it...