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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Netherlands Farmhouse Queen - February 2020

    History: The history or just information of this place is very scarce on the internet. But while exploring we found a couple of clues referring to the past of what happend. The first one was a ID of a man. The man was born in 1921, so what we could assume is that he isn't around anymore. After...
  2. Anna Jacobsen

    Abandoned Farmhouse - A Journey into the Past

    Abandoned Farmhouse - A Journey into the Past was filmed on a warm day ( 28c ), but inside the house it was ice cold... strange.
  3. The Urban Collective

    The Old Farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley - Lancashire

    The old abandoned farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley - Feb 2018 One of my favourite explores so far this old abandoned farmhouse was brimming with history and fortunately, we made it just before the bulldozers did. I've seen plenty of footage of this old place on the web and it seems we...
  4. The Urban Collective

    Great Britain The Old Unknown Farmhouse - Chorley - Feb 2018

    The Old Unknown Farmhouse - Chorley - Photographic Report - Feb 2018 I struggled to find any history on this stunning location except for the multitude of artifacts left inside from photographs to a pencil sketch by a man called Brian jay and the possibility that the property was once owned by...
  5. WildBoyz

    Little Burdon Farmstead, Little Burdon - June 2016

    History “I was born over the road in Beacon Hill in 1942, and it was run down when I went down for eggs as a kid… It was never a posh place, but it was occupied by some old time farmers – lovely people” (Malcolm Hall of Kirklevington).  Although it was originally a village, Little Burdon is a...
  6. Urbexbandoned

    Worthen Farmhouse - Shropshire - April 2016

    History   I don't have much history on this place. I now that the former resident passed away some time ago and apparently her son couldn't bring himself to sell the house or sort it out so it has been left to decay naturally.   The Explore   Visited with my better half @hamtagger  :wub...
  7. Stussy

    Angies Farm & Cottage, Scotland - Sept 15

    Lovely little location on a few hundred metres from each other.  The Farmhouse and the Cottage situated in rural Grampian, I found these on route to another location, didn't spend too long here as they were fairly empty but had some lovely little features and a bit of a surprise when I had a...
  8. Fekneejit

    Derpyshire Farmhouse

    A day out in the countryside, thanks for @hamtagger & @Urbexbandoned for the info :)   Built in 1875, photo above from 1905, it was the farm house for a 97 acre dairy farm, on a large estate in the Peaks.  Tiny little place, but some lovely stuff there.  Will be going back when...
  9. cunningplan

    Grimms Farmhouse, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore The other two were by now used to my swearing at my satnav, but when we ended up at what looked a block end I nearly chucked it out the window, There was a big river one side and a pub the other :question: so it was not until I got out and saw a small (As in 2 car) chain...
  10. Mumi

    Farmhouse's dome

    Hi m8s! Today I want to share this amazing farmhouse with you. Hope U enjoy! :D
  11. lucan

    Great Britain a hoarders farmhouse 2015

    been on here a while now , time to put up my first report I found this little farmhouse crammed to the ceilings in some rooms , some of the bits date back to the first world war right up to 2008 went back for another visit last week and there was some bloke there clearing the house and...
  12. Mumi

    Abandoned farmhouse

    Exploring an abandoned farmhouse. Hope you enjoy! It's a spanish vid, if u don't understand something just ask! :D
  13. Stussy

    Rabbit Farmhouse, Scotland - June 2014

    After being out of exploring for a almost 2 months, I got back on the scene with this nice wee find. Have previosuly visited here before with Mad Max, but my SD Card corrupted and lost 6 locations for that day. So will get round to visiting them all again. This old Farmhouse was built in 1827...
  14. darbians

    Fenland Farmhouse June 2013

    When I found this never had the opportunity to pop in so had to return in hope of finding a beauty. To be honest it wasn't too bad after a little bit of DIY. Rebuilt a bed and replaced a few drawers and she was good to go. Our DIY exploits took a while so had to return for another visit, a week...
  15. darbians

    Retro Farmhouse March 2013

    So this place had some really funky décor :eek: Only a few shots from here, no history to be found. I believe it is now empty and being refurbished. 1 Pretty In Pink 2 3 4 5 6 7
  16. Mrbeardo

    Y Heulog Farmhouse - Aug - 2013

    Nice little farm house in the middle of nowhere with loads of bits and bobs lying around.
  17. mrtoby

    Great Britain The Old Farmhouse - May 2013

    When I first saw this one pop up recently I knew I had to see it-full of stuff, lots of cool features and fairly local. Whoever found it must have been extremely pleased-It reminded me of the Scientists Manor before it got ruined [and re-named to the Red Dress Manor]. No history, but appears...
  18. Stussy

    Honey Farmhouse, Highlands - April 2013

    Was out for a days reccy work on a cold snowy day and spotted this at the side of the road in the middle of the mountainside range. Took the chance and nipped in past for a wee rake about. No history at all on this place am afraid, couldn't find anything about it except a farmer once found...
  19. 8ReDRuM

    The Tale of an Abandoned Farmhouse and a Serial Killer 2012

    Nathaniel White is a serial killer from Upstate New York during the early 1990s. The Killings: White confessed to beating and stabbing six women to death while on parole. He claimed to have found inspiration for his first murder while watching "Robocop 2". This first killing took place on March...