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  1. Dmax

    Tunnel Refineries Silo Feb 2010

    I've had my eye on this Silo for a few years as my girlfriend used to work not far from this site so I used to see it everytime I would go and meet up with her. I had a wonder about a few times with a friend but it always seemed very busy down there , anyway the whole place had shut down so I...
  2. jones-y-gog

    Leeds War Room Region 2 - Feb 2015

    A rare visit from me in the Military section, in fact wasn't sure to post here or in the underground :confused: This was a opportunity I had to jump on quickly after seeing a report elsewhere and gathering that demolition was about to start. After all, its not every day you can explore a...
  3. Urban_Explorer

    Girls High school - Feb 2015

    Hi Guys not posted in a long while so her is one from me now :D The History, LGHS was founded in 1876, at a time when female education was limited but expanding. Frances Lupton and other members of the Ladies’ Honorary Council of the Yorkshire Board of Education decided that...
  4. Kalum_a

    High Royds - Feb 2015

    This post is a bit late but only just got round to editing the pictures so my apologies. We decided to take a trip in February to High Royd which didn't have a good ending. The day started off well, we managed to get inside fairly easily. We had a good look round downstairs but didn't get to see...
  5. Perjury Saint

    St Josephs Institute For The Sick Poor... Feb '15

    Sunday morning and I'm at a loose end... Perfect excuse for a revisit! I've been meaning to get back here for some time, so seeing a few pics pop up on Facebook, I bunged the gear in the car and was off!! Definitely one of my favourite UK explores! Proper nice corridors, wheelchairs, theatres...
  6. Landie_Man

    Fraser Range/St Georges, Eastleigh - Feb 2015

    Fraser Range/HMS St. George, Eastney, South Coast – Feb 2015 Visited with Mookster on a quick South Coast Touyr, after a Fish and Chip Lunch, we walked up a nudist beach of all places, to reach this rather trashed location. It is certainly not worth a big drive but good for an hour or so...
  7. Landie_Man

    Fort Gilkicker, Gosport - Feb 2015

    Fort Gilkicker, Gosport – March 2015 Visited with Mookster on a last minute trip down to The South Coast on what has been the start of some beautiful days across the UK. History borrowed and doctored from Man_Gone_Wrong’s December 2014 Report on 28days. Fort Gilkicker is a Grade II*...
  8. Kalum_a

    Morgue up north - Feb 2015

    Before heading to Ushaw Seminary we decided to have a go getting into a small morgue. We managed to get in fairly easy but didnt spend long inside as there wasn't much to see. Let me know what you think though Thanks :) Visited with Raz and Fatpanda
  9. Kalum_a

    Ushaw Seminary - Feb 2015

    We took a trip up north to visit Ushaw Seminary which was situated in a fairly remote location. We were quite disappointed at first as the place was in such a state but then we stumbled across a little chapel which had some amazing stained glass windows and was full of colour. Managed to get a...
  10. Landie_Man

    Silverlands, Feb 2015

    The date Silverlands was built is unknown. It is however thought to be sometime between 1818-1825. The first owner was Vice-Admiral the Rt. Hon Sir Frederick Hotham. Silverlands was used as the Hotham family home until approximately 1887. Pretty Grand! The Actors Orphanage was started in...
  11. Landie_Man

    St Peters, Chertsey, Feb 2015

    So, my first reasonably intact mortuary. Its pretty trashed now mind but has some nice features left. It was a nice day, the first of hopefully many in 2015. The mortuary was built at St Peters Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey in the 1940's but closed when it was decided its positioning on the...
  12. MrDan

    Silverlands 2014-Feb 2015

    Silverlands Visited between August 2014 & February 2015 with DirtyJigsaw, sweet_pea, gigi, Adam X, James Kerwin, Richie, The Raw, Lenston, Extreme Ironing, Spidermonkey, M Thornley, ZeroUE. The exact date Silverlands was built is not known, but is thought to be around 1820, give or take...
  13. Ghostpast

    Chateau Noisy, feb 2015

    On of the most amazing buildings i have ever explored, because of: Its rotting there for around 25 years. Its kinda dangerous, as you might see in the pics complete walls and floors are missing. Loads of decay. its the first location i ever found myself. wanted to visit this place for 3...
  14. The Elusive

    Region 2 War room (Feb 15)

    Visited very recently this place will be gone in a matter of days I dare say, everything else that was standing on the site has gone; the brick air raid shelters in front of the bunker included! Having travelled pretty far from home to see something that has less in I was pretty surprised how...
  15. Ghostpast

    Lost Bowling, feb 2015

    Derpy bowling, no decay, staged sets and just boring to explore, however... to get here we confronted a not so happy rotweiler dog, so i had to take pics else it would be for nothing :P #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  16. Ghostpast

    Chateau Congo, Feb 2015

    A small castle, somewhere in Belgium. Vandals did a part of their job, but decay is deffinetly King in this castle. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11
  17. Ghostpast

    Ghost bus tunnel, feb 15

    My first underground explore, and i loved it. To bad there were a couple of Iphone explorers wandering around, who wanted to switch the light on :/ Kinda killing the atmosphere of an abandoned bus graveyard, but hey! It was nice, and maybe ill be planning a revisit. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5...
  18. Ghostpast

    Monastere Antoinette, feb. 2015

    Stairs, hills, more stairs, bushes, climbing, stairs. How to even get close to this building?! Finally, we found a way to acces the site, but now, how to enter this abandoned monastry? After 15 minutes of searching, it seemed to be quite easy and we walked just past the entrance. Spend an hour...
  19. trav

    Mid Wales Hospital - Talgarth - Feb 2015

    Some History The hospital, or Brecon and Radnor Asylum as it was first called, was officially opened on 22nd February 1903. This consisted of the main building (12 wards 6 male and 6 female), Isolation Ward and Farm Ward; and cost £128,710.12.8d. The two female wards East 7 and 8 were added...
  20. mookster

    Fraser Range/HMS St. George, Eastney Feb 2015

    After the wonderful Fort Gilkicker and a delicious lunch at a proper seaside fish 'n' chip shop me and Landie headed towards our bonus explore for the day, somewhere I had seen around a lot a few years back but wasn't even sure if it was still around after the tower got demolished around two...