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  1. Camera Shy

    Schloss V and Lost Church - Germany Feb 2014

    A castle has been built on this site since the 9th century and the site has a rich history. It was destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again and this has continued during the centuries. The current castle was built at the end of the 18th century and has always been in hands of counts and dukes...
  2. Camera Shy

    DDR Hörsaal (Germany) - Feb 2014

    This building is just one of a large complex of buildings which were built in the 1930's as National Socialistic Political Educational Institution during the Third Reich period in Nazi Germany. The architects designed and built the buildings in the shape of the SS logo when seen from above, not...
  3. Camera Shy

    Papermill/Powerplant Cyklonkessel - Germany Feb 2014

    This amazing place was at the top of my list on a recent trip to Germany with sammydoublewammy, Oldskool and Cloakedup. I have to give a massive thanks to jST who first reported on this last year, i know how long he had searched for this so sharing it was much appreciated mate, and it certainly...
  4. donebythehands

    Derby Royal Infirmary. Derbyshire. Jan / Feb 2014

    Hey, as DRI seems popular at the moment, I thought why not. Photos are from a series of visits, so things have moved, been more damaged or just changed. This is relfected in the photos, as the microscopes move every time I've been. I'll skip the histoty and say sorry in advance for the large...
  5. Camera Shy

    Kinderklinik - Germany Feb 2014

    A closed down childrens hospital out in the woods in a rural part of Germany, pretty empty but fantastic light made it really nice to wander the corridors and take photo's, oh and it had that mortuary......... Visited with sammydoublewammy. Oldskool and CloakedUp.
  6. sj9966

    Good Old GB's Cornish Works, Steeltown, Feb 2014

    A recent visit to this well known old toolmakers, the last time I was here was back in 2012 and too be honest it hasn’t changed that much since then. I ditched the wide angle here and took all these shots with a Canon 40mm pancake lens. It’s the first time I’ve really used...
  7. cunningplan

    Canal Cottage Feb 2014

    I can only go Xploring on Saturdays as Mrs Plan works and I have all day free to do what I like, this Saturday I had a meeting to go to in Northampton, I knew it would be finished by 2 I didn't want to waste the whole day. I spent a few hours on google and google maps and found this little...
  8. Ghostpast

    Chateau Mesen, Belgium, feb. 2014

    Originally constructed in the beginning of the 17th century for a royal family, after two hundred years of additions and renovations it was sold and used as a factory in the 19th century. It has been home to an alcohol distillery, a sugar refinery, and a tobacco factory. Now its being...
  9. Ghostpast

    Crypte de la mort, City of the dead - Belgium, feb 2014

    Beneath a large town in Belgium there is an underground graveyard. Back in the 1800's they realised there wasnt place left to bury the dead, so they went underground. Its been closed for many years now, because of the possibility of collapsing. They are started to renovate it by now, but there...
  10. skeleton key

    Combined Electricity / dust destructor station-London -Feb 2014

    Cheers for looking in :thumb
  11. BadBatz

    Cornetto Works (AKA iNduZtrial logAYshun GB) - Feb -2014

    After our visit to a very secret court location (here- ) we went to an almost unknown area up the road, epic splores were had. And for those who get botred easily, there is a story here...
  12. cunningplan

    Pigs Ear Farm Feb 2014

    After a very disappointing start to the day my nephew and me headed to the end of West Wales in search of a maybe derelict farm I had found. I have go no information on the place but it was for sale about 10 years ago) I was not even sure if there would be anything inside and to be honest, there...
  13. BadBatz

    dA ep1c cort toR daT n01 haz seeN - Sheffield - Feb 2014

    Well, we all know where this is, it's still the same place it was last time everyone else went, my second visit, accompanied by Bearywierdy, GEORg who ruined uMbocKz and gingerDerpBirDrustyhairZ. Much better this time, wasn't full of uEtooo0r1zTz and there wasn't a pantomime horse to be seen...
  14. Paulpowers

    Collyweston Bomb stores, Peterborough - Feb 2014

    I was heading back from Peterborough and decided to pop in as on my last visit I didn't get around all the sheds. It looks like there is now some work going on in the large bomb shelters, lots of the graff has been painted over and the smell of fresh paint still hung in the air I managed to get...
  15. Mrbeardo

    Sheffields finest old girl - Feb 14 (REVISIT)

    Not going to name it as I don't want it trashing pls dnt ask. was a gud splore with derphouse,MCg,Batz
  16. cunningplan

    The Hobbit House Feb 2014

    I've wanted to go here since I saw the first photos and when I got there I was not disappointed, the place is magical! I went with a none member and after a hour and a half journey we me just before daybreak. It was just getting light time we had walked down the lanes and over the fields and...
  17. mookster

    Elvian School, Reading Feb '14

    Yes another one from here! Seeing LittleOz's post spurred me on to organise a last minute little trip out today to revisit a location I first had a brief walk around in the tail end of 2010, only a few weeks after the main modern school building closed. That trip, both the older buildings were...
  18. mookster

    Ash House/Oak House, Swindon Feb '14

    My original plans fell through today thanks in no small part to the weather but by chance someone else I know sent me a message asking if I wanted a little outing, so in an effort to salvage something from the day went on a little trip to Swindon. Ash House and Oak House were originally nurses...
  19. Norfolk Explorer

    Getting high in Norwich feb to september 2013

    This is a variety of images that were lost due to photobucket. So to keep it simple I have mashed all the climbing stuff we have done In Norwich into 1 thread Carrow road crane John Innes crane Norwich Rooftops University of East Anglia Crane...
  20. Wherever I may Roam

    Cains Brewery - Liverpool - Feb 2011 - Jan 2014

    Cains is a brewery in Liverpool, England, founded in 1858 by Robert Cain. The company, with its 200 pub estate, merged with Walkers of Warrington in 1921, with the brewery operation being taken over by Higsons in 1923. Boddingtons of Manchester took over in 1985, and shut it down in 1990. It was...