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  1. R

    Summerlands Lodge Nursing Home - Westgate - Feb 2011

    This was my first visit to Summerlands. I didn't see all of it, It was just a quick walk around photographing things of interest. Summerlands Lodge is located in Westgate, near Margate. It was a BUPA care home which closed down in recent years (not sure exactly). Inside it is rotten and damp...
  2. Wevsky

    Great Britain The Royal School For The Deaf Children Chapel feb - 2011

    Right this is local to me so after a call from Space invader saying did i fancy a drive round off we went..As the last person who posted pointed out we just cant find any history on the place..plenty for the Deaf school which is still in use just none for the chapel which..well isnt in use! So...
  3. Nelly

    Great Britain New Passmores School - Harlow - Feb 2011

    This is the construction of the NEW Passmores School in Harlow The old Passmores school still sits on a completely different site about 2 miles away. This new school was built on the site of the demolished Brays Grove School, so why didn't they just call the new school Brays Grove? Who knows...
  4. R

    North Entrance - Dover - Feb 2011

    Had a nice trip to Dover the other day, and did the North Entrance for the first time. This has been covered quite a few times, so I will just quote the history from Underground Kent for those of you unfamiliar with this fortification. :) The weakest link in fortress defence is often the...