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  1. Scribble

    Echoes of Forgotten Places documentary film

    Back in the early 2000's I started videotaping (yes, we used tape back then) some of my explorations of various abandoned industrial sites in and around Toronto.  I eventually made a film called Echoes of Forgotten Places, it may be one of the earliest documentaries on the subject.  It's...
  2. Gabor

    Hungary Railway cemetary

    This is the railway cemetary of Hungary, once honored, powerful machines now forgotten in the mud and dirt. Rust in peace!
  3. JohnnyThunderdrone

    Exploring a sawmill forgotten in time

    Hello explorers, today I explore a sawmill from the 50's full of many details, including one of the first jeep vehicles that arrived in Spain, i hope to enjoy.
  4. Lament

    Germany Ballhaus L.

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. A former ballhaus somewhere in the eastern of Germany. At the moment they are renovating the building and for a small amount of money you can get acces for taking photographs. 
  5. Andy

    The forgotten bailiwick / deserted settlement (visited 05/2015)

    The last stop on a tour. On the web you will find hardly any information about that place, located at the forest edge. Neither about its colonization, nor when it was abandoned. I only know that there was a bailiwick until the end of the 17th century. Several buildings were demolished in...
  6. cunningplan

    The forgotten Mortuary, July 2014

    Its been a while since I posted a report and with a couple or so done I thought I had better put up a couple. A couple of friends met up in the early hours of the morning (Me leaving the house at 1 am and getting home at 10.30pm) and had a mega Xplore around the south. We started at Bull Manor...
  7. MiaroDigital

    Forgotten huntercastle R. - visit 06/2014

    1. JagdschlossR01 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 2. JagdschlossR02 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 3. JagdschlossR03 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 4. JagdschlossR04 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 5. JagdschlossR05 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 6. JagdschlossR06 von MiaroDigital auf...
  8. Mumi

    Forgotten mansion

    Hi everybody! I'm very glad to share with you one of my favorite abandoned places. It's a mansion, a very big mansion, where lot years ago a Doctor has lived there. I really had a great time in there, and I hope that you can enjoy the video!
  9. mookster

    The Forgotten Laboratory (Nov 2012) 2013

    Every so often it helps to 'know the right people' as they say...sometimes they can get you into places before they are cleared, no questions asked. Whether it's true 'urbex' or not is irrelevant as the general population wouldn't see areas like this anyway so it is a true explore in my book...
  10. T

    Scotlands Forgotten Morgue -March -2013

    Hi visited with UAP and Stussy Frustrating day but ended with this little treasure Apols for not naming Cheers :)