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  1. N

    USA District #3 School House

    And abandoned 1 room school house located in Rockport, Monroe Township, Ohio. Built in 1886! 2019-10-06 16.55.06 by NW-OH Abandoned, on Flickr 2019-10-06 16.55.17 by NW-OH Abandoned, on Flickr 2019-10-06 16.56.47 by NW-OH Abandoned, on Flickr 2019-10-06 16.57.54 by NW-OH Abandoned, on Flickr
  2. Beneficial-Cucumber

    Great Britain Gatehouse and Payroll Office of a Former Mill Site (2/2019)

    A building used by a payroll clerk & security guards, I believe that it was left sometime in the 80s. There wasn't much, but I found many passes and cards dated from 1940 on the floor. You can see some of the time card slots used by employees and manufactured by IBM.
  3. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Former textile factory N., February 2019

    This is a very popular textile factory in Italy. It is very big, it even has a power plant which used to power the whole structure when it was functioning. We stayed there for like 4 hours and managed to explore maybe only 2/3 of the place (or even less)... Entering there was tricky because all...
  4. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Browns Island - Former Mill Site(1-2/2019)

    (Image Heavy) Browns Island is located on a river in the Midwest, the island has a long, interesting history. It was noted by George Washington during his travels, and Meriwether Lewis from the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped there in 1803, on the site there's an ancient Native mound, and...
  5. Stevepg

    Duga Radar station former USSR chernobyl April 2018

    was lucky enough to spend 3 days in the exclusion zone earlier this year; some shote within the former USSR "secret" Radar Station
  6. farmer.ned

    Great Britain Former Pumping Station, Worksop

    it was actually a last minute decision to visit this explore. en route home from doing the manton colliery explore i passed the fomer pumping station at bracebridge with a shall i or sha,nt i so a quick turn round of the car  i squeezed in behind some twat in a skoda who thought it a very good...
  7. The Urban Collective

    Former Latvian Consulate - Charnock Richard - Feb 2018

     Former Latvian Consulate Charnock Richard - Feb 2018 I'm posting this to save you a journey lol, plus I wanted to at least make some use of the time I spent there even if the photos aren't the greatest! Pemberton farm was the former home of Howard J Pym Honorary Consul For Latvia and his...
  8. H

    Great Britain former marine centre, Anglesey 2016

    Formerly a small marine education centre. Closed in the 2000s. Thoroughly wrecked and all history seems to have been forgotten by the Internet and locals near it. G h
  9. skeleton key

    Former Animal testing Lab's -2011

    • VID clip couryesy of Troglodite SK