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  1. MiaroDigital

    Ligne Maginot - Project A9 - [visit .../2015]

    The last weekend in France... The trip was very cool and a little bit strange :D :D Here i will show you one part of the "Ligne Maginot" :) 1. Ligne Maginot - Project A9 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Ligne Maginot - Project A9 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Ligne Maginot...
  2. Merryprankster

    Chateau Verdure - France - Sept 2015

    Much like raws report-who i visited this with btw, can't find much history on the place, its a chateau, there's signs of restoration work started and then abandoned, the place is folding in on itself in places, couple of years and it will look like congo or nottenboum- visited on the rosbif 36 h...
  3. prettypeculiar

    PS II - September 2015

    This location was on my to-do-list for a while so we gave it a go. My exploring partner had already been there before so it was smooth and easy to enter because he knew the directions. Just when we were finished, we started hearing voices from outside. we thought it was security and that they...
  4. Merryprankster

    H15 - france - september 2015

    Evening all, hope we are all having a lovely juan. right it's been a week since RAWs went up and its been a couple o' few weeks since my last report so thought i'd fire something up from weekend before last weekends 36 hour hop into france. pretty banging 36 hours really, got round a prison, a...
  5. cgeff

    Villa 1902 - January 2015

    Hello, A few pictures of "Villa 1902" A House that was used at the time of offices for a company Have a nice day
  6. The_Raw

    Chateau Verdure, France - September 2015

    Situated in a wealthy area outside Paris we almost thought we were in the wrong place for this one but it was just well hidden amongst the trees. I don't know any history about the place unfortunately but it was clearly once a very grand house which has been left to rot for one reason or...
  7. The_Raw

    Prison H15, France - September 2015

    An abandoned prison in Northern France, constructed in 1906 and used until 2005. Despite stories of this place becoming more and trashed by the day I've still always wanted to see it for myself. Arrived late morning with maniac, merry prankster and elliot5200. We avoided the gypsy camp on the...
  8. prettypeculiar

    Bureau Central, May 2015

    This is a slightly older set, from May 2015, whe I had just the basic skills and gear: a Nikon D3200 with 18-55 lens, and NO AB -function , the pictures don't look exactly the way I want them to, guess that i have to go back now with my new equipment. these images are all single raw , processed...