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  1. The_Raw

    France Gros Ouvrage Latiremont (Maginot Line), France - May 2017

    The Maginot Line, named after the French Minister of War André Maginot, was a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles, and weapon installations built by France in the 1930s to deter invasion by Germany. It was constructed along the borders with Switzerland, Germany...
  2. The_Raw

    France Petit Ouvrage (Maginot Line), France - May 2017

    The Maginot Line, named after the French Minister of War André Maginot, was a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles, and weapon installations built by France in the 1930s to deter invasion by Germany. It was constructed along the borders with Switzerland, Germany...
  3. SpiderMonkey

    France Chateau Stromae - April 2017

    Another tasty french chateau today. Really enjoyed this place, and I had wanted to go back here for a while as last year we were only able to access one room :( It's a bit of an interesting one, as each room seems to be set in a different style from one another, and this provides for an...
  4. SpiderMonkey

    France Chateau Sarco - April 2017

    First report from the latest trip abroad! This old mansion sits in a small village, the gates are wide open and the locals don't seem to even care about it. The highlight here was definitely the grand entrance hall, surrounded by pillars, red carpet, grand staircase, and a lumiere-esque balcony...

    France Hospital Plaza - France - April 2017

    A seminary in France that was later used as a medical centre and with a beautiful chapel! I think it closed within the past decade.  Thanks for looking!

    France Chapelle des Pelotes - France - April 2017

    This was the first stop on our weekend tour. It was a long arse drive from the tunnel to say the least! Cost a small fortune in tolls! A beautiful building inside!  History: The construction of the chapel began mid 1800, This chapel is decorated in triforium (the openings of the galleries...
  7. X

    France TéGéWé - 08/2013

    My hometown is very particular. It's not a big city and its kind of lost between bigger ones.   But at least, we have a famous car race who happens every year here.  :) ... and a giant train depot ! "TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, "high-speed train") is France's intercity high-speed...
  8. SpiderMonkey

    France Chateau Poseidon - May 2015

    Another backlog report here. Visited with @AndyK! and @Jamie_P in the pouring rain and as night was approaching, so the photos were a little difficult to process.  Quite a nice castle though, completely white on the outside with four massive turrets. Inside there isn't much left aside from some...
  9. The_Raw

    France Chateau Mange Tout, Rodney, France - January 2017

    This chateau is located within about 50 metres of a huge abandoned sanatorium so presumably it was connected in some way, perhaps used for training or for senior management accommodation? I don't know, but it's still in pretty good condition for the most part and has some nice features despite...
  10. The_Raw

    France U-Boat Pens, Bordeaux - January 2017

    A very quick stop off last month. We didn't hang around long after setting some motion sensors off so I only took a handful of pics.  History During World War II, U-boat warfare was the major component of the Battle of the Atlantic, which lasted the duration of the war. Germany had the largest...
  11. DirtyJigsaw

    France Odeon Raccord - Paris - Jan 17

    Second night of our recent rip went better than the first, we had spent the afternoon in the Catas, got in an early evening rooftop in La Defense (ill post a report soon) and then got some photos in the Paris Metro Network, which was the main reason for the trip, everything else is just a bonus...
  12. DirtyJigsaw

    France Champ de Mars, Ghost station - Paris Jan 17

    Morning All,  Im just catching up with afew explores and i thought id start of with this. The plan was to get to this station via the tracks, but that did not happen on the first night, as me and @Pinkman were told to leave the station by some workers as the last train was at the platform (i...
  13. The_Raw

    France CLM Colbert Anti Aircraft Missile Cruiser, France - January 2017

    Colbert was an anti-air cruiser, later transformed into a missile cruiser, of the French Navy. She served in the Navy from 1956 to 1991, before being converted into a museum ship. She was abandoned off the coast of Brittany in 2007 and in 2016 she was taken away to be scrapped.  Having missed...
  14. DirtyJigsaw

    France Arsenal Metro Ghost Station Sept 16

    Last September myself and Letchbo ventured to Paris to see if we could get a taste of the Abandoned Paris Metro stations. We had some info from Gabe (much appreciated) and we just had to go for it. During the day we walked the abandoned La Petite Cienture (another report for another time) and...
  15. T

    France Bustes 2016

    Mad dash with Stussy for a fun dash in france As usual photofuckit has reduced quality :(
  16. NS Photos

    Warbirds graveyard

    Hi, . here some pictures from my trip in September. Of course this graveyard is known from everybody but i just want to share some of my pictures. This Airbase is still in activity but since 2014 it's no more a military base, it's now a private airfield with an association who dismantle and...
  17. TheVampiricSquid

    France Chateau Martin Pêcheur, France - November 2016

    After travelling through the night and grabbing a couple of hours kip in a rather dodgy service station car park we arrived at this place for sunrise, and what a lovely relaxed way to kick of the weekend. There wasn't too much inside, but still enough to take a few pictures and have a nice mooch...
  18. Andy

    France Château de la Favorite (visited 11/2016)

    Château de la Favorite , also called "Château du Prince Charles", was built in 1734 according to the plans of the architect Germain Boffrand and under the direction of Jean Marchal. It was owned by Charles Alexander. After his death in 1780, Emperor Joseph II inherited the castle, which offers...
  19. Andy

    France Hôtel Éviscéré (visited 11/2016)

    Two weeks ago I was in France. This building stood opposite the hotel where I stayed. It was a former hotel. Large, but unfortunately completely gutted. I don't know when it was built or closed.     1   2   3   4   5   6   7    
  20. TheVampiricSquid

    France Eglise MM, France - November 2016

    After a successful visit to Hospital Plaza I was most impressed - I thought it would be the highlight of the weekend, until we visited here. A beautiful church tucked away in a sleepy village somewhere. I'm under the impression it's only been abandoned for a year or two, as it's still in...

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