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  1. H

    Good morning from Sweden

    Hi there! Long time lurker of the forum, first time registered username :D Looking forward to participating
  2. Urban Relics

    Hi from Belgium

    When I tried to join the forum a few days ago (been a bit fed up with all the facebook drama as of late and looking to expand my horizon), I noticed that my name was already being used here.... And apparently so was my email adress... ? Turns out I joined in January 2017 and then swiftly forgot...
  3. K

    hello from Switzerland

    looking forward to talks and interactions about exploring. i've just started with that hobby. and i love it :-)
  4. Conrad

    Anyone from Berlin?

    Looking to hang in Berlin for a bit around July/August time. Up for some trespass. Speak German and English. Anyone about? Hit me up.
  5. H

    Hello from Greenbsoro, North Carolina

    Two new urbex girls who have a passion for photography and architecture!
  6. SewerRat127

    Hi from Northeast Florida

    Hey everyone I am from St. Augustine Fl. I have been getting into urban exploring more lately and have begun looking for locations around my area since photography and exploring just about anything have been hobbies and interest of mine for quite some time. If there is ever anyone around my area...
  7. Peeky

    Hello from London, UK

    New here but not new...  I look forward to talking with you all and possibly exploring with you also. If you’re in London I’d be keen on meeting up if you welcome new members of your group.  Peeky
  8. ReadingEffigy

    Hi from Cheshire UK

    Just wanted to say Hi and I'm hoping to find some awesome inspiration from this site.
  9. Alek

    Hello from Poland

    Hi from Poland, i've finally find some time to sign up ;) Cheers! 
  10. Martpod

    Hi from Czech rep.!

    Hello everyone, I am an explorer from Czech republic, yet I mostly go exploring in Italy and in France. Personally I love small villas, mansions, hospitals and religious sites which is the reason why I explore abroad, as in my coutry we mostly have industrial sites :)   Hoping to meet some...
  11. Craig

    Hi from The Netherlands

    Hi everyone. I am Craig, I am English but live in the Netherlands (right up the top right part). I have been interested in old places for a while. Just did not realise it was a "Thing" I travel tracks and trails around Europe and love stumbling across old places off the beaten track.
  12. Youtwoha

    Hi from Indiana

    Hello all, new to Urbexing, and looking forward to figuring out some locations around the state of Indiana to go check out!
  13. Flame

    Hi from Poland

    Hi everyone from Poland, I've known to Oblivion for several years, finally I've account here :)
  14. Urbexy

    Hi from Scotland

    I have been doing urban exploration since I was a kid (now in my 40s). Much of my early explores were done without a camera, I really wish I had used one back then...Some epic locations. Now I take both photos and video. I also upload videos to my YouTube channel. Looking forward to sharing some...
  15. ConcreteStalkers

    Hello from Sweden.

    Hi.  New to this site, but has been doing UE for some time now.  Hoping to make new contacts here and to get and give good advices on spots.  "ConcreteStalkers" is the name our our "team".  It is new and if you want to help us, please visit our pages at Youtube and Instagram. Cheers /David
  16. Kharhaz

    Hello from Wichita, KS!

    Hey all, been looking for urbex communities.. came across this one. Looks nice. :)
  17. Dacki76

    Hi from Norfolk, UK

    Hi from Norfolk, UK! Been interested in photography and urbexing for a few years now, seen plenty of fab pictures and love looking at the photo's everyone shares. Have been to a few places myself but look forward to hopefully finding a few more in the future ?                  
  18. Gabor

    Hi from good ol' Hungary...)

    Hi and thx from abroad, from the middle of the old continent fellas.)
  19. S

    Hello from Chicago

    Hey, hello to all from Chicago. I've ended up poking around on this site more than a few times researching locations and sites to explore, so seems fair to contribute some of my finds :-) Live and work here in the Midwest, USA, but also live and work a month or two a year in Eastern Europe, so...
  20. Sojack

    Hello from Calif.

    Found you guys on an email from olympus about photographing abandoned places...  I'd always been fascinated with urban explorers and their photographic adventures.  Hope to find like minded people here.