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  1. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Blast Furnace Bridge - PA (2/2019)

    Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Bridge. This spanned the Monongahela River to a large blast furnace complex which was abandoned in the 70s along with this bridge. It was built in 1900 and is 51 ft high. 
  2. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Abandoned Blast Furnace Bridge - PA Figured I'd just link the album here since it's eaisier, not used since the 70s
  3. Hydro

    Redcar Blast Furnace - Dec 15

    Bit of history; Founded by Dorman Long in 1917, the steel produced was used to build structures including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Tyne Bridge and the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Under the socialist plans of the post-Second World War Labour Party, in 1967 Dorman Long was absorbed into the newly...
  4. Maniac

    Redcar Blast Furnace, November 2015

    Wasn't sure whether to post a report from here or not. My photos aren't all that, but it was a pretty fun night so here's my take on it. All these are hand held shots, I may go back and take some proper ones at some point, but for me it was more about seeing the place than photographing it...
  5. The_Raw

    Redcar Steel Blast Furnace, November 2015 (Part 1 of 36)

    I don't really understand how stuff like this works but I think it just gets really hot and then farts big turds of metal out of it's arse. I CAN tell you one thing though, it's fucking huge and it's fucking epic running around it with your mates in the middle of the night! Founded by Dorman...
  6. mookster

    HF6 Blast Furnace July '14

    For as long as I can remember being interested in this hobby, one site had always been at the top spot of, or hovering just below the top spot of my 'to do list', and that location was the HF6 Blast Furnace in Belgium. For ages I would sit admiring photos of it's enormous rusting beauty, never...
  7. Stussy

    Belgium HF6, The Blast Furnace - July 2013

    Scattergun and myself took on this beast of an explore with the goal of climbing the huge tower that dominates the landscape of the city. Baron & Lost decided bumbling around in a basement would be more fun. Arriving at our drop off point on the hottest day of the trip, around 42 degrees...
  8. Timster1973

    Blast Furnace thingy - Visited May 2013

    Evening folks, Just finished processing and editing another set from our mad trip across Lux, France and Belgium. Part of our road trip across Luxembourg and France with some brief time in Belgium was a few nice locations in France. We had a big list of locations in the sat nav and while...