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  1. B

    Belgium Rust garden & co

    Some well known steel industry stuff. I found no one to go with me last sunday but i was very eager to check this place, so I went alone for a bit of scouting. My carefully crafted path on google maps turned out as usual a bit shitty (dang they removed that bridge...)  but i found an easy...
  2. TrevBish.co.uk

    The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital - Welwyn Garden City - October 2015

    Well, this has been done to death, so I thought I would add my two pennies' worth! Relaxed explore, bumped into 2 other people while we explored. No security or nothing seen! To easy! Not a bad hospital but I think I prefer Haslar and Frenchay when it comes to features and equipment! But still...
  3. Mumi

    A mansion and her garden

    Visiting an old mansion, her garden and an old factory near the abandoned mansion. :D
  4. abandoned world

    Great Britain castle carr water garden -Aug-2013

    castle carr, I live near here and saw some pics posted about it and decided i wanted to go have a look myself, i really enjoyed it i cant believe this is so close to my house and i never knew it existed! we mainly wanted to go to explore the tunnels leading to it! the castle is pretty rubbish...
  5. Maniac

    Wyvale Garden Centre, Faversham - Oct 2007

    Not the most inspiring of places, but it's quite remarkable because of how quickly it got trashed. It closed in june that year, and by ocotber it was royally trashed. It's now been flattened and the land is still for sale. The weird thing about this place was remembering it from...