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  1. Andy

    Germany Gas works, Eisenach / D (visited 03/2018)

      History After the beginning of the 1860s gas was widely used as a means of lighting So the first gas works of Eisenach were put into operation on 1 October 1862. However, the line capacity was no longer sufficient soon, because the gas consumption had quadrupled from 1888 to 1912. Therefore...
  2. bmxer7777

    Abandoned Gas Station in Georgia

    First Post Guys! Anyways, my group of friends and I found an abandoned Gas Station south of Atlanta. Apparently, the gas station went bankrupt due to the county screwing them over. A new highway system was out in, and the road to the gas station was relocated, so in order to get to the station...
  3. Buffalo

    British Gas Building, Leeds - June 2016

    The former British Gas building was built in the 1960's and at 147ft is the 21st tallest building in Leeds. Originally to be demolished, this building currently has plans of being converted into a hotel designed by Simpson Haugh and partners. The podium building will also be extended and raised...
  4. DirtyJigsaw

    Motspur Park Gas Holders Oct 15

    Morning all, After seeing a report report on this place, and with a day off coming up, i decided i wanted to have a look at this place and climb the gas holder and take some photos in the centre one where the canopy has collapsed and now seats some still water for some reflections. Some...
  5. Maniac

    Gillingham Gas Holder No 3 - October 2015

    I've been waiting a long time to finally climb this. Not sure what took me so long, but I finally did it recently. It's hard to find out much about this history of this one. All I know is this is gas holder number 3 (The spiral one that remains is gas holder No 4) and it was constructed...
  6. Hydro

    Huddersfield Gas Holder - July 15

    Climbed with -Raz- 100% the most exhilarating climb we have ever done, with the cages on the ladders only going half way around the back of you to allow for the holder to rise up and then back down again, it really hit home the importance of keeping a tight hold considering the consequences...
  7. Hydro

    Roof Topping, Leeds - Various Locations/Visits

    Hello all, Leeds from above in various locations, styles and quality thanks to Facebook :thumb Enjoy!! Thanks for looking :thumb
  8. Maniac

    Canterbury Gas Holder - March 2015

    About 6 years ago myself and Frosty had a go at getting up this. We failed at the time, neither one of us was confident enough to try climbing over the gate half way up. Fast forward 6 years, I thought I'd have another crack at this while killing some time in Canterbury, then I revisited it...
  9. -Raz-

    British Gas rooftop - March '15

    After sneaking in and reaching the top floor of the Opal Tower to find a locked hatch we headed over the road to the British gas building in leeds, after not having the luxury of a lift unlike the opal tower 14 floor's later we was greeted by a amazing view overlooking the city. The building...
  10. Fatpanda

    British gas building Jan-15

    Something a little bit different this time, been here a few times now and the view still takes my breathe away. Its great to have something like this so close to home and as an added bonus the security guard turned up just as we were leaving which saved us a climb :) The recent fire there...
  11. -Raz-

    Top of the British Gas Building in Leeds

    according to wiki 21'st highest building in Leeds; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_and_structures_in_Leeds
  12. NightVision

    Aston Gas Works- Birmingham- March 14

    Originally, gas was only used for lighting for a few hours at the start and end of each day. Storing gas was the solution to make it over a longer period. The first gas holders were a “bell†floating in a tank of water. Calibration marks were used to show on the floating bell showed...
  13. skeleton key

    National Grid Property to redevelop the former Southall Gas Works site. -

    Could be interesting ? http://europe-re.com/st-james-group-secures-deal-for-the-redevelopment-of-80-acre-southall-gas-works-site-uk/41886
  14. H

    Elland Old Gas Works Building...A near miss ! 2011

    Go in over a dual carriage way back home the other day I spotted this building and a must explore just ate away at me all that day, so off I tootled back the day after to have a shufti !, no cctv big smashed open window and grass growing out of the roof ! reet nice sized building with a come in...