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  1. MK17SWL

    George AFB USAF Hospital - December 2018

    Alright, this is my first post on here but I will get right to it. This hospital is trashed beyond belief but was still fun to explore. It was shut down in 1992 after the USAF pulled out of George AFB following the end of the cold war. These pictures were taken in December of 2018.
  2. little_boy_explores

    George hotel, Huddersfield - January 2018

    The George Hotel as stood empty for just a little over 5 years... considering this it's not half bad inside, stairways are still intact, few if any holes through to other floors, little decay in the form of mold or interior fatigue and there's still gas in the pumps in the bar area. It's a fair...
  3. little_boy_explores

    George Barnsley and Sons, Sheffield - June 2017

    After visiting a different location in the city we got a tip off from others about a possible entry point so decided to take a look. Having assessed the building for security we made our way to the entry point. The building is situated in the Neepsend area of the city and forms part of Kelham...
  4. Ferox

    George Barnsley and Sons, Sheffield. February 2017

    One from earlier in the year. This had been on the list for a while and I was really happy to finally see the place. There was some graff and vandalism in evidence when we went, I believe it's even worst now. Visited with non member Paul. HISTORY George Barnsley & Sons Ltd was founded in...
  5. cunningplan

    George Barnsley & Son, Sept 2015

    I haven't posted on here for ages, while I have been out and about I haven't done that much this year at all being busy with personal and family matters. Instead of doing the odd one here and there I tend to do the longer trips, I've got a couple of trips lined up in the next couple of months...
  6. Stussy

    George Barnsely's Works - Dec 2014

    Started a little xmas tradition of heading south to do some Engerlandishshire derpage and meet up with some of the SOCC members. So for a little solo adventure before getting a little drunk at night a visit to the classic GB's was in order. Arriving reasonably early in the day I was off in...
  7. TheVampiricSquid

    George Barnsley & Sons, Sheffield - June 2015

    History: founded in 1836 and specializing in manufacture files and cutting tools for use in the shoe making industry, they grew to become the world’s leading producer of tools for shoemakers. The technological revolution of the 20th century saw a decline in the need for traditional tools...
  8. Hydro

    George Barnsley & Son, Sheffield - July 15

    Explored with Inside the Prohibited & a non member. History Founded in 1836,the original factory was situated on Kelham Island, Sheffield, one of the oldest industrial areas in Sheffield and they specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers. In 1837...
  9. Fekneejit

    Great Britain George Barnsley & Sons Ltd - May '15

    This is my George Barnsley visit, there are many like it, but this one is mine :grin2: My first visit, the gate's always been shut before, I'm sure I'll be back. You all know the history, on with the pics... Wouldn't be a GB report without that pic :D
  10. Fatpanda

    George barnsley & Sons April '15

    Hello again So over the bank holidays we took a trip to see an old friend (George Barnsley) havnt been for a while and was in the area so thought why the heck not :) George Barnsley & Sons Ltd specialised in tools for shoe makers and leather workers. The building closed around 2004...
  11. UrbexBaby

    St George Stafford sell out

    Looks like someone's on a roll
  12. mookster

    Fraser Range/HMS St. George, Eastney Feb 2015

    After the wonderful Fort Gilkicker and a delicious lunch at a proper seaside fish 'n' chip shop me and Landie headed towards our bonus explore for the day, somewhere I had seen around a lot a few years back but wasn't even sure if it was still around after the tower got demolished around two...
  13. Fatpanda

    George barnsley & Sons Dec-14

    George Barnsley and sons, a key toolmakers in Sheffield's history, well at least for us lot.. Heres a small set for you i took a few months back now enjoy:p THanks ........
  14. mookster

    George Barnsley's, Sheffield Jan 2015

    FINALLY!!! Many, many years after I first saw this place pop up and thought 'oh hey that looks pretty neat I should go there' I have got it done. And I loved it even more than I thought I would, what a way for me to start the new year. Explored in completely miserable pouring rain but by the...
  15. slayaaaa

    St. George's hospital revisit, Hornchurch, Essex - November 2014

    Intro Posted a report of the water tower earlier this year on another forum, I revisited with a friend who had never done Urban Exploring before and found it a lot of fun. I personally like doing a fully thorough report, so if you're easily bored, the photos are at the end . History The...

    George Barnsley & Sons - Sheffield - December 2014

    A nice little relaxed explore. Not that amazing but a few good things left to photograph. History: George Barnsley & Sons Ltd was founded in 1836 and were originally situated on Wheeldon Street, Sheffield. By 1849 they had moved to the Cornish Works, which were much larger premises. They...
  17. mookster

    George Dyke Forgemasters, Willenhall Nov 2014

    I wasted no time getting back into the swing of things in the UK following my return from America :) I saw this place pop up recently and thought yes that's right up my street, forget your spotless hospitals and little houses get me some grubby oily vintage industry please! It's what I enjoy...
  18. Serenity4

    St George's Hospital- Hornchurch October 2014

    Decided to head to this place and have a look around, everything has been stripped from the inside, although still a great place to photograph. Access was easy, and we didn't hear or see from the secca what so ever. Also managed to make our way up the tower.
  19. tank2020

    Maison Grande George - Belgium - March 2014

    Out in the outback of Belgium sits this little inconspicuous property that really isn't that grand. Once inside the building its a mess and in a real state of decay, yet amongst the rot sits little treasures waiting to stitch a picture together of the former inhabitants of the site. Part of a...
  20. Bungal

    George Barnsley

    Some may of heard a rumor that good old GBs is sealed. Well yes it is and they have done a good job of it too. The faithful explore is out at the moment but hopefully not for long.