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  1. H

    Good morning from Sweden

    Hi there! Long time lurker of the forum, first time registered username :D Looking forward to participating
  2. Forgotten Productions

    Whats good everyone

    We are Forgotten Productions, Urban Explorers from Toronto,Canada. We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all through photos and video footage. We try and bring a little bit of fun to exploring while still showing you everything that has been left behind in its current...
  3. Urban_Moocher

    Good Evening

    Just joined on recommendation from a mate and wanted to say hello to all members. I was formerly Snapt on ukurbex before the site closed and since then i've been hiding in a cave evading the CIA.  I'm a Yorkshireman living in enemy territory (North Nottingham) where I am plotting annexation and...
  4. Gabor

    Hi from good ol' Hungary...)

    Hi and thx from abroad, from the middle of the old continent fellas.)
  5. S

    good morning from Superully in Germany

    a beautiful good morning to each and everyone of you, let me take the time to introduce myself - after all, that's the way to do it, right? :) my name’s ulrich, but most people just call me "ully" - except for my mother;). i live in the southern part of germany, just about 30 km from the...
  6. Session9

    Good evening from a misty Bedford!

    Just a quick hello to one and all! With the advent of a new year, i thought it was time to try a new site. And what a great site this is! I have been mooching for a good while now and its always a pleasure to meet up with familiar faces and meet new people in this game. Wishing you all, a...
  7. Morrisey

    Good evening.

    Howdo. knocking on a bit and based in Lancashire with an unhealthy interest for mines. Recognise a few familiar names, will share some mines in the near future. :thumb ;)
  8. sj9966

    Good Old GB's Cornish Works, Steeltown, Feb 2014

    A recent visit to this well known old toolmakers, the last time I was here was back in 2012 and too be honest it hasn’t changed that much since then. I ditched the wide angle here and took all these shots with a Canon 40mm pancake lens. It’s the first time I’ve really used...
  9. urbex13

    Good Morning from Sheffield.

    Hi everyone, I've been posting stuff on the facebook group sporadically for a while now and thought I should probably cave and sign up. I'm not going to bother you with all my old reports and I'm not sure if anyone on here will recognise my username but I've been knocking around in the usual...
  10. Norfolk Explorer

    Good day to ya all from sunny old Norfolk

    Hi there, thought I would say hi di ho. You will prob recognise the name and realise I am not new to exploring, just this site.... Prity obvious where I am from, I shoot canon a 60d, with sigma 17-70 lens, sigma 70-200 f/2.8 and canon 50mm f/1.4 I have explored a good few places Around the...
  11. E

    Good morning to you

    I'm sure you all know me so all I'll do is say a quick hi. Hope you like the variation on my regular user name, which I'm sure some may feel somewhat approriate ;-) :0

    Hello and Good Morning!

    Hello, I am I know a few people off here from Facebook and 28DL. I was called Phantom Bish. You have probably seen one of my calling cards dumped in a derp somewhere in Europe or UK. I will be posting soon. Just got back from Belgium Sunday but haven't had time to edit yet...
  13. SuZyQue

    A list of defunct/abandoned amusement parks from good old wilkapedia.

    Found this site by accident lol didn't know they listed these on wilkapedia, enjoy:-
  14. The Urban Adventurer

    Good morning from a very sunny Kent...

    got a begging message from Nelly via BookFace so thought I'd pop over and say hello... Based in Kent but travel all over..hope you all have a super Bank Holiday Monday !
  15. Ninja Kitten

    Great Britain Good old St Joes...2013

    Juat a few of what was a fab splore with Ben..A cracking day with some good locations and fun with walkie talkies.. as you do :) "UP ON THE ROOOOOF"