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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Grand Hotel Decay - Aug. 2020

    History: Somewhere inside an old spa town lays this former grand hotel. This hotel has been built around 100 years ago and is one of the oldest buildings and most grand building standing in this town. Even with this history it has been abandoned for over 2 decades now. The reason for this is...
  2. Lavino

    Grand casino/theatre/bingo hall Southport February 2018

    Grand casino history Located in the Sefton district of Southport at the corner of Lord Street and Court Street. Originally built in 1923 as a garage and car showroom, it was converted into a luxury cinema in 1938 by architect George E. Tonge. The Grand Cinema opened on 14th November 1938 with...
  3. Ghost-Scooter

    Grand Hotel S. - 01/2016

    Welcome to the Grand Hotel S. which was built from 1840 to 1842. It closed its doors in 1999 and is abandoned since.  #1 DSC05761 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC05762 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC05763 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #4 DSC05787 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #5...
  4. enry98

    Serbian luxury hotel

    Hello everyone!  :-D Some months ago I went on a trip to Serbia, and thanks to a member of this forum who gave me advice on some locations I was able to do some good urbex in the meantime! Here is my report! (I tried my best searching for info on this place on Serbian websites with the help...
  5. Albino-jay

    Grand Theatre, Doncaster , Nov17

    Having seen some older reports on this place and being a sucker for old theatres, it’s one that has always been on my list. Taking the long drive back from work (Bangor to Stockport) I get an email with info that this place is open and doable. I decided to pick @eastyham up and take the 1.5hr...
  6. Mikeymutt

    The lost lido..Febuary 2017

    My friend told me about this outdoor pool hidden in the woods and showed me a few pics.i just knew I had to see this.always one for something unusual and forward a few months and I was travelling back from my last trip to Scotland.i popped in on the way home.i took the stroll...
  7. AndyK!

    Grand Theatre, Doncaster

    Not quite the theatre @SpiderMonkey and I intended to visit, but after finding no way into another nearby cinema we thought we'd give the Grand a go. Having not seen anything from this place for quite some time we were pretty surprised to find a way in. Built on the site of a former Circus...
  8. AndyK!

    The Grand Theatre / Wonderlounge, Banbury - March 2016

    The Grand in Banbury opened in 1911 as a live theatre and in 1929 began screening films. It was the first cinema in Oxfordhsire to show a film with sound, and started with “Showboat”. The theatre closed in 1935 for reconstruction and modernisation. The Grand reopened in December 1935 ...
  9. Merryprankster

    Grand hotel - Birmingham - may 2015

    Just one of those places i had to go and see for myself... copy n' paste history courtesy of historic england HISTORY: The Second Birmingham Improvement Act of 1861 cleared the way for the redevelopment of Colmore Row. The Great Western Railway had built Snow Hill Station in 1853, close by...
  10. darbians

    The Grand Hotel Birmingham December 2014

    So 2014 ended rather well exploring wise for me. Last day exploring of the year and I cracked this, the fails later didn't really matter :P History blatantly stolen from Wikipedia: The Grand Hotel is a Grade ii listed hotel in the city centre of Birmingham. The hotel occupies the greater part...
  11. Grunpfnul

    Grand Hotel Schabracke - Visit from March 2014

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  12. TCCI

    Last Train to Grand Central - 2014

    Stumbled across this place by accident at the weekend I only hade my trusty phone camera with me so here is the results. Thanks for looking...
  13. Timster1973

    Maison Grand Georges - July 2013

    Evening all, End of the first day and we thought we’d pay this place a visit as we knew it was a brief stop and was well decayed. Did the usual and parked in a little side street away from the place. We walked towards it and as I took one step towards the gap in the cornfield, I looked...
  14. The Urban Adventurer

    Le Grand Hotel Regina Belgium March 2013

    Situated in a beautiful valley on the banks of a majestic river this abandoned hotel looks forlorn and out of place with the well-kept houses along the same road.. true British style we parked right outside and bundled out of the car..the trouble with exploring with 6 other people is...
  15. silverainbow

    Grand Shaft, Dover, July 2012

    Visited with non Member Dan Quik bit of History about this incredible Structure; Set back to one side of Snargate Street, Dover, its entrance barred by iron gates is a sloping corridor which leads to the Grand Shaft, a unique 19th Century triple staircase built during the Napoleonic Wars...
  16. Shadow

    Great Britain Grand Shaft Staircase - Dover 30.12.08

    Built to move troops from the Western Heights barracks to the bottom of the cliff at Dover, it consists of a triple spiral staircase. Visited a couple of times over the week, firstly with everyone on the first day, and secondly with fluff and later maniac to play with fluffs great colour gems...