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  1. Laizytail


    Hello my name is Anthony. I go by the name Laizytail in the furry fandom. I am from Melbourne Florida USA and hope to meet other explorers and make new friends. ? these are some photos i found while exploring my own backyard. I took them on my LG Dynasty phone. ? one is an abandoned Railroad...
  2. K

    hello from Switzerland

    looking forward to talks and interactions about exploring. i've just started with that hobby. and i love it :-)
  3. H

    Hello from Greenbsoro, North Carolina

    Two new urbex girls who have a passion for photography and architecture!
  4. Peeky

    Hello from London, UK

    New here but not new...  I look forward to talking with you all and possibly exploring with you also. If you’re in London I’d be keen on meeting up if you welcome new members of your group.  Peeky
  5. Alek

    Hello from Poland

    Hi from Poland, i've finally find some time to sign up ;) Cheers! 
  6. ConcreteStalkers

    Hello from Sweden.

    Hi.  New to this site, but has been doing UE for some time now.  Hoping to make new contacts here and to get and give good advices on spots.  "ConcreteStalkers" is the name our our "team".  It is new and if you want to help us, please visit our pages at Youtube and Instagram. Cheers /David
  7. Alex Lucian

    Hello guys!

    How you all doing? I've been looking by the outside at this forum and decide to be part of it, hope I bring some nice footage soon. Thanks guys! 
  8. Kharhaz

    Hello from Wichita, KS!

    Hey all, been looking for urbex communities.. came across this one. Looks nice. :)
  9. S

    Hello from Chicago

    Hey, hello to all from Chicago. I've ended up poking around on this site more than a few times researching locations and sites to explore, so seems fair to contribute some of my finds :-) Live and work here in the Midwest, USA, but also live and work a month or two a year in Eastern Europe, so...
  10. Sojack

    Hello from Calif.

    Found you guys on an email from olympus about photographing abandoned places...  I'd always been fascinated with urban explorers and their photographic adventures.  Hope to find like minded people here. 
  11. The Urban Tourist

    Hello there

    Hi, my name is Matteo and I'm from Italy. I've been into urbex for like 2-3 years but, since I usually don't have someone to go with, my visits are very few at the moment, but I hope to do it more and more as soon as possible. Even if I'm not so active in the "practical way", me and one of my...
  12. S


    Long time lurker, first post! I've always been fascinated by Urbanex photography but despite this I've never done any.  We had a talk at our camera club in Bracknell Monday just gone and I've been inspired to finally go and do some.  I'm not sure what there is around me that I can start with...
  13. L

    Hello from Wakefield

    Hi just joined thought I’d say hi
  14. Admin


    Hello The Urban Collective, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. The Urban Collective joined on the 02/11/2018. View Member
  15. xtrmhiker

    Hello All

    Longtime urban explorer (43 years so far) currently residing in South Florida where there is absolutely nothing of interest but I was lucky enough to spend 38 years in the Northeast where there are/were numerous Kirkbride Design Asylums, abandoned subway stops, hospitals, cemeteries, etc and 5...
  16. RossWAdventures


    Hi all   Just another explorer and adventure seeker as fro the start of 2017 i started to film and make short movies from my adventures and explores, I've been urban exploring ever since i can remember but i'm new to the forums.. I look forward to sharing experiences and connecting with like...
  17. Discomental


    Hello everyone! Long time member of the facebook-group but today it hit me I never registered on the forums so I thought it was time! I come from the cold north, Norway. Ever since I was a kid I explored the leftovers from world war II (we have A LOT), I studied film then went to photography...
  18. Gromr123

    Hello from Surrey

    Hi all, I normally frequent the likes of Derelict places and 28DL, but I fancied giving Oblivion State a try, so here I am. I've been Urbexing for about 18 months now, and enjoying every moment of it.