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  1. expert_tag_along

    Great Britain Snow Hill 3, Birmingham - August 2019

    Snow Hill 3, Birmingham - August 2019 Visited twice first with 2 non-members and then with @scrappy. Snow Hill 3 is the last of 3 glass towers sitting side by side to be constructed next to Snow Hill Station in Birmingham. This one is to house BT's new call centre amongst other smaller...
  2. U

    Handstand on 100m high Chimney

    My friend Kiril make handstand at the top of 100m high abandoned chimney. Concentration, strength and courage!
  3. AndyK!

    Great Britain Old Royal High School / New Parliament House, Edinburgh - Feb 2018

    We had no idea how we would get on here. After driving through the night and arriving in the early hours, our entry was just awful! As we sat in the freezing cold, and the light started to appear at the windows, we could see it was worth the effort. Visited with @SpiderMonkey, obvs! History...
  4. MrObvious

    British Gas, Leeds. July 2016

    The Explore.   This was the first stop off on our 24 hour road trip, celebrating @Redhunter's birthday with @TheVampiricSquid, @CuriousityKilledTheCat and a non OS member.   After spending the day before shooting a wedding, and having no sleep since 7am... we set off for the midlands at...
  5. Hydro

    Cathedral Church of St. Marie, Sheffield - Jan 16

    A cool night of climbing in Sheff with @-Raz- and a none member Butters   Taken from the roof of Park Hill Flats   Bit of History;   The Cathedral Church of St Marie is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Sheffield, England. It lies in a slightly hidden location, just off the main shopping...
  6. macc_explore

    High Royds Asylum, Menston - June 2015

    The Visit Another one that has probably been covered many times on the forum but again as I'm new over here I thought its one of those that's always quite nice to see. Pretty standard explore really, nice and relaxed and no bother from the locals which is always nice :) The History High...
  7. Hydro

    High Royds Lunatic Asylum, Leeds - Feb 2015

    Hello all, Recently realised i never did anything with my High Royds Photos. You all know the history so i wont bore you with that... Heres how it all played out; How I got a restraining order from a building... Cast your mind back to February... 2 years since the last report on High Royds...
  8. mookster

    Horace Mann High School Sept 2015

    Much like my post on Grossinger's Resort from my first trip over, this is going to be quite text and photo heavy as it's one of those places which I had wanted to see for so long, and which really piqued my interest. Horace Mann High School in Gary, Indiana is the city's largest derelict school...
  9. coolboyslim

    Leeds Girls High School - Sep 15

    Ok wanted to see this for a while so at 2 am decided to go look. Visited with acid reflux even though he stayed in car has he was shattered and stranton. Explore. Ok work is well on way here with lots of the building ripped up and several outside buildings now rubble. But most was still here...
  10. coolboyslim

    High Royds Hospital - Sept 15

    Here is a nice one for you to enjoy. Explore: This was so bloody funny. The place is a dog walkers and watchers paradise its very live lets just say that. Went with acid reflux and stranton. We did a look round and all looked lost has its a bit fort knox and people looking outa houses etc lol...
  11. Hydro

    Minories, London - Sept 15

    Visited with The_Raw, ExtremeIroning, Raz and Jamie_P Setting the scene; 5 people, 1 206, a huge squash. After exiting my clown car which was clearly not designed for more than 3 people (French so i guess i expect too much) we jumped the wall, shimmied the scaff, over a fence and we were...
  12. Hydro

    One Angel Court, London - Sept 15

    Massive thanks to The_Raw and ExtremeIroning for showing us this one!! Well worth the 4 hour drive from T'old Yorkshire to the big city! Explored with Raz, Jamie, Damo and Michael the night before the Kent Meet up. From what I can gather Angel Court is a 70's design high rise office block...
  13. Hydro

    Castle Market, Sheffield May/June 2015

    Please be aware most of what you will see below has now been demolished :( Explored with -Raz- & a non member. As always a bit of background; Castle Market is a former indoor market in Sheffield city centre, England. The building lies in the north east of the present city centre, by the...
  14. AndyK!

    Blast Furnace Night Climb - Luxembourg (May 2015)

    Arriving in the centre of Belval in Luxembourg, one can not help but look up at the huge blast furnaces which dominate the skyline. Ultra-modern high-rises and new-builds butted up against these giants are dwarfed. Looking at the building site at the base, we glance at each other.... "We NEED to...
  15. Lavino

    Crazy climbers Shenzhen centre China (660 metres high)

    Just interested what you lot think of people doing these crazy climbs. I must take some serious balls to to this no ropes or anything.
  16. Merryprankster

    London - May - 2015

    sooo i went to london last weekend and flashed a skyscraper, first time for everything, me and the gherkin compared gherkins, needless to say the gherkins gherkin was massive so i put my clothes back on, and sheepishly went back to my bottle of sailor jerrys. My excuse is it was bloody cold and...
  17. Ferox

    High Royds -May 2015

    Finally got back to see the parts that i missed. Visited this time with Paul 2129 off 28DL. Managed to have a good look around on this occasion and covered all we wanted to see. Really glad i got back for another look, there is some awesome stuff to see in here. The corridors look spooky as hell...
  18. Urbexbandoned

    High Royds Asylum - April 2015

    A little history, shamelessly stole from Wiki! High Royds Hospital is a former psychiatric hospital south of the village of Menston, West Yorkshire, England. The hospital is located within in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough and was first opened on 8 October 1888 as the West Riding...
  19. Ferox

    High Royds Hospital. February 2015.

    Visited this place in February with Urblex. An unexpected mooch that was cut savagely short by the arrival of the police. Looking at the times on my photographs i'd say we where in there for about 15 mins. Oh well, at least we got out and away without incident. Nice looking place what we seen of...
  20. Urban_Explorer

    High Royds - 2015

    Wish i went here a long time ago, would of been great to seen it all!. High Royds hospital is a now-closed psychiatric hospital in the village of Menston, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It was first opened on 8 October 1888, as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, and was closed on 25...