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  1. Marc Askat

    Hitler's Bunker - Wolfsschlucht II 2014

    Hitler's Bunker - Wolfsschlucht II 2014 Place visited in 2014, a kind of abandoned fake village where every house is a bunker, kind of Bunkerland. Planed to diserve the invasion of Britain ( that did not happen ), this site has been used only once by the mustache guy to order the destruction...
  2. AndyK!

    Beelitz-Heilstätten - Central Bath House - Germany (July 2014)

    The history of Beelitz-Heilstätten Military Hospital Beelitz Heilstätten is a large abandoned hospital in Germany. The complex comprises around 60 buildings built from 1898 to the plans of architect Heino Schmieden. The buildings were built in the German Country Style, with impressive...