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  1. franconiangirl

    Germany Clinicum Paralyticum April '16

    Finally, my third visit was successful! A nice little loophole down a light shaft enabled us to enter the maze of corridors... The typical "hospital smell" is in the air. Stale air, mixed with the smell of sanitizers. Involuntarily, I hold my breath. After all the years of abandonment...
  2. X

    France Hospital Batman, France - May 16'

    Build in the late 80's, "The Hopital Batman" is lost in the middle of the french campaign...   Due to a huge deficit - 5 millions euros -, this reeducation center was closed in 2009. It was suppose to be renovated and to create a extension of 70 beds.   All the employes and the patients was...
  3. KentuckyUrbex

    Kentucky Mental Hospital Power Plant

    This ominous building once served as the power plant for the Central State Mental Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  4. Pinkman

    Whitchurch Hospital - Cardiff - June 2016

    Explore No.01 This started as a stop by explore when me & Vixxie were visiting friends in Cardiff, & has evolved into something of a project for us. We were going to go do CWM Coke, but we thought it would be worth having a look at this place instead. We arrived during the day, &amp...
  5. Buffalo

    Clayton Hospital, Wakefield - July 2016

    The History Clayton Hospital was opened in 1854; after Thomas Clayton, a former city mayor donated buildings to the Wakefield general dispensary, an organisation set up to provide healthcare for the poor. It provided much needed healthcare long before the NHS was formed. The hospital was later...
  6. Buffalo

    Chapel Allerton Hospital (Gledhow Grove Mansion), Leeds - June 2016

    Gledhow Grove, built in the 1820's was designed by architect John Clark in Greek Revival style. Chapel Allerton Hospital was opened in may 1927 by HRH Princess Mary, It was run by the Ministry of Pensions and cost £130,000. It replaced the old military hospital at Becketts Park in Leeds...
  7. WildBoyz

    Homelands Hospital, Helmington Row - June 2016

    History “This is somewhere that has been on the market for ten years with little or no interest… It has suffered terribly from vandalism and theft over the years and is likely to sit like this for another ten years if permission isn’t granted…” (Ed Alder, Regional and Land Planning Manager)...
  8. MrObvious

    Haslar Water Tower, X-Ray Machines and organs

    I know, Haslar.... Again! This place has pretty much become a second home to @TheVampiricSquid and I over the last few months, mainly because the place is slowly but surely being torn apart now...  The place never disappoints us, and we love giving people tours of the place!   On one of our...
  9. Hydro

    Bangour Village Hospital, West Lothian - April 16

    Visited as part of the Scotland tour with @Butters & @R0tt3nW00d   After spending a little longer than anticipated at Eastend, we decided to skip one of our planned locations and head here instead as geographically speaking it made more sense than heading yet further North at 4 pm. I'm...
  10. Urbexbandoned

    Whitchurch Hospital - Cardiff - April 2016

    History   Costing £350,000 and ten years to build, the Cardiff City Asylum opened on 15 April 1908. The main hospital building covered 5 acres (2.0 ha), designed to accommodate 750 patients across 10 wards, 5 each for men and women. Like many Victorian institutes, it was designed as a...
  11. The Wombat

    Shangton care home village, Leics, Feb16

    thanks to KM Punk for this one. The village consists of a number of cottages, houses, daycare centres, greenhouses, an admin block & a hall. Not all of the buildings were accessible. Not only was the power on, but I was surprised to find some of the lights were left on in some of the...
  12. W

    Manygates Maternity Hospital, Wakefield, Feb 2016

    Wakefield Maternity Hospital (1935 - 1992) Manygates Hospital (1948 - c.1981) This is the only block left along with the Manygates house. As the contract stated these have to be renovated and the firm wants to now knock them down they have been left.We can only guess what will happen to them...

    Bangour Village Hospital aka Edinburgh District Asylum, Scotland - February 2015

    History The now derelict Bangour Village Hospital is a large Psychiatric Hospital complex which first opened in 1906 as The Edinburgh District Asylum with an initial 200 patients. The Asylum which was modelled on a German village-plan design similar to that of  the Alt-Scherbitz asylum of the...
  14. coolboyslim

    Great Britain Birch Hill Hospital Rochdale Feb 2016

    Ok thought i would check this out. Its not been done in a little while so not sure what i was going to find. Explore. Well fun to be had here. Once i was close noticed it was all scaffy up and a lot of workers flying about. Its as you would call it in full flow. So my first intinct was to say...

    Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital, Italy - April 2015

    The first stop on our Italian Urbex tour the abandoned Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital. As with quite a few of the locations on our trip this spot had been quite popular mainly because of the huge rooms filled with rows of beds. Sadly by the time we got there the beds had been taken...

    Manicomio di R, Italy - April 2015

    Manicomio di R is a huge hospital facility located within a large town in Italy. Originally opened in 1871 the site consists of multiple buildings within large walled and fenced grounds and catered mainly for insane patients. Manicomio translates to “Madhouse” in English and was a term commonly...

    Red Cross Hospital, Italy - April 2015

    Another lovely abandoned location in Italy, the Red Cross Hospital sits empty, on a hillside in a pretty remote locations. The weather was incredibly hot as we made our way inside and wondered about searching for the chapel which wasn’t as obvious to locate as we had expected. After shooting the...
  18. chambre

    Ospedale SC

    I found this hospital somewhere in bella Italia. Unlinke many others, this was not a psychatric clinic, just an ordinary hospital... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 In case you're not yet sick of it, you can see some more on my website...
  19. WildBoyz

    Glamis Private Hospital, Dunedin - January 2016

    History   Glamis Private Hospital opened in 1988, to cater for the rising elderly population in Dunedin. It closed during the autumn of 2011, after $18 million was invested in the Yvette Williams Retirement Village (named after the former Olympic gold medallist) located in nearby Highgate...
  20. Norfolk Explorer

    Whats left of St Andrews. Norwich. Norfolk. January 2016

    I decided to have a swing by here as it had been a while... In fact a long long time as I hate the place as it was photos I took here that when I plugged the camera into the computer it killed the computer along with a few years of family, holiday and exploring pictures and  it was long before I...