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  1. AndyK!

    Hôpital Civil de Charleroi, Belgium - August 2015

    Opening in the 1950s the CHU de Charleroi was a prominent building in the city centre. The purpose built facility had an accident and emergency unit and a large number of operating theatres. Patients were transferred to a brand new hospital a few miles away in Lodelinsart when the...
  2. Merryprankster

    Selly oak hospital - Birmnigham- Jan 2016

    Evening Scabies and jelly spoons, hope everyones settling back into work alright. This place is on my doorstep but was never really fussed with it, as we all know its been major 2015 tour bus destination so you know what you're in for. Was kinda always saving this place for a rainy day when i...
  3. hamtagger

    St. John's Asylum, Lincolnshire - October 2015

    St. John's Asylum   The Explore..   Visited with @Urbexbandoned. Thought we should really check this place out last year in October as there hadn't been anything from the place for ages, mainly due to people probably assuming the place was converted, but in reality you can see from the main...
  4. SlimJim

    Buckland Hospital - December 2015

    Background First and foremost, I want to say big ups and thanks to L for inviting us and major big ups and thanks to M for getting us in and showing us around! Big ups to Konrad for the company and input too of course :D Our interest all pretty much stemmed from Konrad's previous live...

    College Infirmary up North. December 2015

    The Hospital was founded in 1831 & by 1929 special feature available included Turkish, Russian & medicated baths & electro-medical department. The Infirmary was also approved for the treatment of Veneral Diseases    The New Road Campus has been home to it"s various named College...

    High Royds Asylum, Leeds - Feb & March 2015

    History High Royds Lunatic Asylum or the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum as it was originally called, is a former psychiatric hospital near the village of Menston in West Yorkshire. The broad arrow plan asylum features a large array of stone built wards and interconnecting corridors most of...
  7. TheVampiricSquid

    Holy Nurse Hospital, Belgium - November 2015

    After not exploring for what seemed like forever, it was time to get back out again.. and what better way to kick off with a euro! went away with loocyloo and a couple of non members, and had an absolute blast despite the loss of a memory card with half my pictures on:mad: :( What seemed like a...
  8. coolboyslim

    St.Thomas Hospital- January 2015

    Intro. Ok not got this up here so with some tweaks here is my post on this place. Went here with just the missus at first. And after finding ways in etc. I decided it was to big for just us and called in some friends. It went smooth and was damn good explore lights where on and cctv up. But...
  9. AndyK!

    Padded Cell, Royal Hospital Haslar G-Block - 2015

    Padded cells are few and far between now-a-days, so the opportunity to visit one doesn't present itself very often. So rare in fact, that I should imagine this will be the only padded cell I ever get the opportunity to visit, in situ and outside of a museum. This particular padded cell is...
  10. urbexdevil

    Melton Mowbray War Memorial Hospital, November 2015

    Without knowing what this place was or even the name of it, we decided to explore this place on the same day as another location very close by. Although totally stripped out inside, what an explore it turned out to be!
  11. hamtagger

    St. Mary's Hospital, Melton Mowbray - September 2015

    St.Mary's Hospital The Explore Visited with @Urbexbandoned  :) We were actually heading towards a school in the area when we noticed the ivy covered frontage of this hospital from the road outside and decided to swing into the carpark. Then we looked right and saw the little building with...
  12. WildBoyz

    Lluesty Hospital, Holywell - October 2015

    History “Lluesty served the people of Holywell very well over the years, but we’ve got a brand new hospital now†(Mrs Saunders, former ward sister). Lluesty Hospital, located approximately 1km from the town centre, was constructed between 1838 and 1840, by Thomas Hughes of Liverpool. It...
  13. Punk

    Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham - Aug '15

    Explored with Lost Explorer, The Stig and a non-member History The original buildings on the site of the Selly Oak Hospital were for the King’s Norton Union Workhouse. It was a place for the care of the poor and among many workhouses constructed throughout the country following the...
  14. TheVampiricSquid

    Royal Hospital Haslar & Morgue, Gosport - September 2015

    Evening all :D I won't bother with the history, as i'm sure everything knows it by now! I've been up to my usual antics, taking trips down here on the regular, these particular images were from 2 visits. Once with MrObvious & a non-member where we were lucky enough to see the morgue, and...
  15. Lavino

    Great Britain Lluesty hospital Flint November 2015

    Visited this rather sorry looking hospital with woopashoopaa, Telf & vulex was the second place of the day. Not a lot so see pretty much stripped out but was in the area so popped in for a nosey. So on with a few pictures and history... Under an Amendment Act set in 1834 all parishes in...
  16. hamtagger

    Benenden Hospital, Kent - September 2015

    Benenden Hospital The Explore A couple of days before the Cliffe Forte meet me and @Urbexbandoned sat and did a bit of research of the area, i got distracted as usual by the internet because I am a man. @Urbexbandoned suggested this little gem and i'm glad she did. @Maniac and @Obscurity had...
  17. T

    Hospital btok Feb 2015

    Hey guys. Today i have some pictures from the beginning of this year for all of you. It was the secound stop on my first trip to belgium. This hospital was amazing... I never have seen a lost hospital with so much equipment before. There were all the machines, the books, and also a lot of the...
  18. trav

    Hartwood Hospital Nurses Home - Oct 2015

    Found this looking for Hartwood Hospital in Scotland. Some history from Wikipedia "The remains of Hartwood Hospital, a 19th-century psychiatric hospital with imposing twin clock towers, are the main feature of the village, even after its closure under the direction of the Lanarkshire Health...
  19. Ferox

    Severalls Hospital, Day Visit. September 2015.

    After a night visit with four non members I had a couple of hours around here in the morning on my own. I was buzzing about seeing this place the previous evening but, seeing the old girl in the daylight was another thing again, absolutely amazing. Had a relaxed (surprisingly) mooch marvelling...
  20. Ferox

    Old Nuttfield Hospital, Cambridge. September 2015.

    As I was going passed Cambridge on a recent trip down south I thought I'd have a look at this place as I understand it's not going to be around for long. Solo mooch this one and was unfortunately not in here long and managed to miss all the best bits. It started with a cavalier entry with the...