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  1. Luke_z_Olomoca

    Huge abandoned mine

    Excavation to an area rich in slate deposits, which is still being mined today. The slate was mined here in the 19th century and most of the mines were closed during World War II. The area runs a nature trail, which will inform tourists about the area and the history of the mining. But we...
  2. BritishRanger

    Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse - Jan 18

  3. Urbex Central New Zealand

    Huge abandoned American style religious college located in New Zealand!

    This old college was a religious secondary school built in a religious “commune†solely by volunteer labour missionaries in the 1950’s who worked for the church. The school has a huge American influence as you can tell by the pictures, it is huge! The amount of things left...
  4. Troglodyte

    Middleton Mine, November 2012

    I've been waiting over three years to go here but due to one thing or another it just never happened. However with a weekend off and some good company I finally found myself under the moores of Middleton, a small village in Derbyshire set in the southern margin of the peak district where...
  5. R

    Great Britain Undisclosed Location - Tunnels & HUGE well 3/12/2008

    I cannot give the location of this site out, as amazingly, it is under my friends cellar in his house! Lucky lad! I popped down today to take some pictures, it has been covered on underground kent, but rather boringly, so I thought id jazz the place up a little, and it was good practise for me...