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  1. Ghostpast

    Villa Woodstock, Jan. 2015

    Visited this amazing building last week, its a monument build at the end of 1800. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12
  2. mookster

    Moreton-in-Marsh Cottage Hospital Jan 2015

    This has been on my to do list for a little bit so I thought it best to get it done as it's a long while since I last did a hospital. Moreton-in-Marsh Cottage Hospital is a small Victorian hospital in the Cotswolds, it closed in 2012 after a new much larger facility opened just outside the...
  3. mookster

    North Leamington School, Jan 2015

    [CENTER]I was tipped off about this from my mate Jo who visited last week so fancied a wander myself - with a non-member friend who hadn't been on an explore in five years as well. This place is a weird one - the ground floor still has power being fed into it which means there are a lot of...
  4. Obscurity

    Mote Park Mine, Maidstone, Kent - Oct 2014 - Jan 2015

    I thought now would be a good time to kick off 2015 with my first report of the year :thumb After countless trips around the UK to visit various mines and quarries, it begged the question as to what is located closer to home as there must have been mining activity around Kent. Throughout the...
  5. mookster

    George Barnsley's, Sheffield Jan 2015

    FINALLY!!! Many, many years after I first saw this place pop up and thought 'oh hey that looks pretty neat I should go there' I have got it done. And I loved it even more than I thought I would, what a way for me to start the new year. Explored in completely miserable pouring rain but by the...
  6. josymo

    North Leamington School (visited Jan 2015)

    North Leamington School, Cloister Way buildings Visited Jan 2015 The Lower School here was closed in 2009 when a modern replacement school opened on one site nearby. Planning for housing and a new residential home was given in 2009 but both seem to be in limbo at the moment. The site is now...
  7. sentinel

    Streatham Megabowl, London March 2014 (Visited Jan 2014 )

    Hi Guy's Visited this place back in Jan with The_Raw and a non member. History Streatham MegaBowl was formerly the Gaumont Palace cinema and opened in March 1932. Gaumont was a chain of cinemas which never really made it and was bought by Odeon. In July 1944 it was damaged by a German V1...
  8. donebythehands

    Derby Royal Infirmary. Derbyshire. Jan / Feb 2014

    Hey, as DRI seems popular at the moment, I thought why not. Photos are from a series of visits, so things have moved, been more damaged or just changed. This is relfected in the photos, as the microscopes move every time I've been. I'll skip the histoty and say sorry in advance for the large...
  9. mde

    Tone Mills - Jan 2014

    Had this one my to do list for a couple of years now but it did not really grab me until I saw the stunning green Coner machines which prompted me to get my ass in gear and drive down to check them out. Similar to Perjury-S I saw all the CCTV so we proceeded with caution. Taking a long route...
  10. superwide

    Seabrook police station : Jan 2012

    I was going to title this post as Headquarters No. 6 Area Traffic Division Seabrook, but I thought it may be a bit of a let down when you looked :) But thats what it is, built in 1908 as station and garages for Headquarters No. 6 Area Traffic Division under Chief Inspector David Godden. Over...
  11. woody

    winchelsea road tunnels, dover - jan 2013

    A little bit of torrential rain put us off of our planned explore, luckily this little gem was the backup! really tidy little set of tunnels including the bits cut with the new tunnel boring machine, strange to go into a set and not see a load of chalk graf but kinda nice History here...
  12. cunningplan

    Model T, Bridgend (Visit Dec 2013) Jan 2014

    I had to do two visits to this place, first time at night with my new DSLR camera and half way through I could not get it to work, so I went back a couple of days later (After I had found out how to use it :( ) In the late 80s I use to drop people off here in the Taxi/Minibus I was driving at...
  13. cunningplan

    Bridgend Creamery, Bridgend. (Visit Dec 2013) Jan 2014

    After I had to cancel a couple of places today due to the bad weather we have here. (One is a permission visit and can only be done in the dry) I've been stuck in so I have decided to dig out on of my visits from last year. This was around the corner from anther place I will put up at a later...
  14. frankabagnalejnr

    Huncoat Power Station Jan 2014

    Found this place on google maps and thought id have a ride out to it Construction began on Huncoat in 1950. The Power station was opened by the mayor on 11 May 1956. 1984 saw the closure of the power station, the cooling towers were demolished on 16 October 1988. Most of the buildings were...
  15. Robert Dupon

    Plymouth NAFFI (Hoe Centre) - [Visited 2012] - Jan 2014

    The building now known as The Hoe Centre lies at the southern end of the area which formed the focus for Patrick Abercrombie's 'Plan for Plymouth', an ambitious scheme for creating a grand Beaux-Arts city centre in place of the devastation caused by World War II bombing. The Hoe Centre lies...
  16. Paulpowers

    Brindle Service Reservoir, Chorley - Jan 2014

    After looking for this one for a while it popped up in here so I have to say thanks to Will Knot for the location, like a dick I was looking half a mile up the road for the site. I was passing and decided to pop in under the cover of darkness, to say it's close to the nearby house would be an...
  17. Robert Dupon

    Newport Towers Hotel Jan2014

    As far back as the Council's planning history relates (1948), the site has always been a hotel. Historic maps also confirm that from at least 1950 the site was documented on OS maps as Newport Towers Hotel.The site eventually closed in 2006 due to the m5 taking passing trafic away from the area...
  18. cunningplan

    Cwm Coke Works. S Wales Jan 2014

    This was my first port of call for the day, my nephew was going to come with me for the day but was unable too. This place is not really one for a solo visit but as I wanted to go there I just went on my own. I did try last August but failed to get in, so a couple of members gave me the entry...
  19. cunningplan

    Mental Bristol Mental. Jan 2014

    Second Visit here and second on my own, but this time the tour bus was in as there were quite a few groups on site. I spent over 3 hours here and managed to see building and other stuff I missed the last time. Not much to say about the site that's not already been said so I will get on with the...
  20. cunningplan

    HMS Royal Arthur (Graffiti Heavy) Jan 2014

    I like graffiti and ever since I saw this place I wanted to pay it a visit, it was second on my list for the day and I was alone. I parked up and found a way in, I could hear a generator and see a cabin on one side, so I went in a different direction. After about half hour I walked out of a...

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