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  1. A

    Great Britain Meadrow House - Godalming, Surrey- June 2019

    Hi everyone! Been an avid post watcher for a few years on here, been posting to other sites but thought it might be time to branch out Note to anyone interested in going - Police are on high alert, have seen 2 groups taken away in handcuffs to date, vans are moving in daily removing items from...
  2. Grindle

    Great Britain The cooks cottage Powys June 2019

    I know nothing of this place just that it is full of weird and wonderful objects; some old mail indicates it was lived in by a guy from the sub continent and his English Rose; stuff everywhere just left as a time capsule 
  3. Paradox

    Great Britain Brock/Leyland Mill - Wigan - June 2019

    Hey, hi, it's me again. Your fave instatubegrammer today I'm bringing you my newest report under my latest pseudonym  - "Exploring with Unicorns and Robot Dinosaurs". Don't worry I'm almost out of new reports now so will probably bugger off again for a while till I do something else :)  (I have...
  4. Grindle

    Great Britain Kartman's Cottage; Powys: June 2019

    No history of note no architecure of merit just a once loved family home
  5. Grindle

    Great Britain The Brickworks Wrexham June 2019

    Henry Dennis founded the Hafod Brickworks in 1878 to capitalise on the reserves of Etruria Marl Clay found in the Ruabon area. Such was the popularity of its products - bricks, ridge tiles, chimney pots and the famous Ruabon quarry tile – it became known as the ‘Red Factory’. Partial visit due...
  6. Grindle

    Great Britain Hannah's house Wrexham June 2019

    Just a sad old DERP slowly being reclaimed by nature nothing historical or noteworthy  Once someones loved home now being loved by creeping ivy
  7. Paradox

    Great Britain Wigan/Mesnes Park Air Raid Shelter - Wigan - June 2019

    The Great Wiganese Derp Hunt I'm on a roll, I've been out derp hunting again with Jaynelouise and Bigjobs. This time we decided we were going local and we're hitting up the super derps in Wigan ;) I know, I know EVERYWHERE in Wigan has been done many many times because let's be fair there...
  8. DirtyJigsaw

    Hayward Gallery Rooftop June 2016

    All, Not sure if this should go in here as it was nearly 3 years ago now? Please feel free to move it if need be. At the time there was scaffold up at the building side as it was closed due to refurbishment. Some info from the internet: Hayward Gallery is one of the world’s leading...
  9. Ferox


    Not a bad little mooch this one. Quite a lot of area to cover with most of it being stripped unfortunately but, there is still stuff to see and some nice decay in parts. It seems the building was used to make carpet underlay form 2002 until 2013. I guess its been abandoned since then. Visited...
  10. Dmc68

    Great Britain Plas Gwynfryn - June 2018

    Nice place to visit, not much to see, but easy enough to get to. I did have a farmer watching me walk up the path, but nothing come of it,    A good bit of history here: My Video   
  11. Tomvandutch

    Belgium Courthouse, June 2018

    This courthouse is more then 14o years old. It has been empty for some years now and has a lot of treasures to offer. The courthouse is just huge. Many aisles, stairwells, offices and 14 boardrooms. In the entire building is still a lot of equipment available, the heaters are still running...
  12. AndyK!

    France Florange Steel Works / HFX, France - June 2017

    I remember visiting the "Bureau Central" a fair few years ago and noticing the massive steel works next door that the offices were once the headquarters for. The entire works seemed to be abandoned, although the old office block had clearly been out of use for a lot longer. We added it to the...
  13. The_Raw

    Shaw Studios (Movietown) - Hong Kong, June 2018

    Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd was the largest film production company of Hong Kong. In 1925, three Shaw brothers - Runje, Runme, and Runde - founded Tianyi Film Company (also called Unique) in Shanghai, and established a film distribution base in Singapore, where Runme and the youngest brother, Run...
  14. Lavino

    Millennium tower Salford quays June 2018

    Millennium tower Salford quays  It is not to be confused by the never-built London Millennium Tower (which could’ve gone up to 386 metres!). The dual building is a residential highrise located on the eastern side of the Media City Quays. The tallest one of the two is 67 metres, and the shorter...
  15. obscureserenity

    Red Cross Hospital - June 2018

    Red Cross Hospital     Before it's closure at some point during the 1980's, it served as a children's hospital. It was thought to have been founded around the turn of the 20th century. The hospital was owned and managed by the charity 'Red Cross Italy' which becomes apparent from the rather...
  16. jane doe

    Great Britain Berkyn Manor - June 2012

    A little gem of a place ...went here when  it was guarded by a very irate bull lol :)              
  17. urbexdevil

    Central Resource Library - June 2018

    It’s been a while for various reasons but I am back and hitting the “move along, nothing to see here” central resource library… no seriously, nothing to see here. So after a brief chat with who turned out to be a long time reader and follower through instagram, we chose a spot to meet and hit...
  18. Lenston

    Mireystock Tunnel - Forest of Dean - June 2018

    History    The engineering company J.E. Billups of Cardiff who also constructed Mireystock Bridge and the masonry work on the Lydbrook viaduct commenced construction of the tunnel in 1872 using forest stone. The tunnel is 221 metres in length and took 2 years to construct. The tunnel allowed...
  19. teddybear

    Germany Bacteria Farm - June 2018

    This one was visited on my latest trip through Germany. This was the water treatment facility of a power plant. That power plant is already gone. There were also some outdoor water basins ,but they were well overgrown. The  only thing I took from this facility were several mosquito's bites...
  20. jane doe

    Great Britain Cocking Lime Works June 2018

    I was passing here today on way home from work so called in to have a look ...Quite a nice little explore ☺️