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  1. Lavino

    Kings hall theatre southall London November 2017

    A very early start for this one. And thanks for my invite from the other 2 lads I went with @GK-WAX and @albinojay arrived here in the pitch black early hours. Luckily we didn’t have any trouble finding our way inside. We’re we found ourselves a room to wait for it to come light enough to have a...
  2. Landie_Man

    Kings Hall Cinema, Southall, London - September 2017

    Kings Hall Cinema, Southall, London - September 2017 Interesting one this one!  I'd wanted to do this for a while and had been planning to in the coming weeks but had been put off with the idea of its "unique access" which requires some planning in terms of times of entry! Situated on a very...
  3. Gromr123

    The Kings Hall - Southall, Middlesex - October 2017

    This one required an early start, but the morning adventure to The Kings Hall was worth the effort. Visited with Zombizza.  History "Located in Southall, Middlesex, in the west of Greater London. The King’s Hall was built in 1916 and was designed by architect Sir Alfred Gelder of Hull. The...
  4. mookster

    Theatres of Kings

    Theatres, auditoriums, cinemas, halls, as long as it had or has some kind of stage or screen, go. Might not have the same amount of traffic as some other threads but some of them are gorgeous. Looking back over all my six and a half years of explores I...
  5. Landie_Man

    Kings Reach, London (VISITED Mar 2012) 2013

    2013: I beleive it now costs more to visit here, a lot more and it is more restricted 2012: FINALLY got round to sticking this up after so long, been absolutley flat out. This was a paid for permission visit! A mere £10 entry for 6 hours access!!! Sorry is been so long guys! Kings...
  6. skeleton key

    Kings Reach Tower 2012

    Kings Reach Tower Thank for lookin in SK :thumb

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