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  1. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Abandoned nuclear research facility, July 2019

    I'm finally back posting something! This time we visited a very large complex with a mysteriuos story and even if it has been completely vandalized, you can still find some very cool rooms or objects... This is a former nuclear research laboratory, which focused on studying new technologies...
  2. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Laboratory X, Houghton, Cambridgeshire January 2019

    Lab X Wing 5 is the notorious "Laboratory X" located on the Houghton Grange site. This lab would have seen some of the more live experiments carried out of the poultry stock. The curved Perspex windows peering into the almost operating theater like rooms would allow the observer to view the...
  3. GREGUL1979

    Laboratory - Poland 2018

    There was an intoxicating smell of chemicals in the air and a smell of ubiquitous mold. Ampoules and glass beakers, volumetric flasks ... broken ... crashed throughout the room. It is best not to touch anything. Just being in this room led the airways to rage
  4. WildBoyz

    Wallaceville Veterinary Laboratory, Wellington - July 2017

    History The Wallaceville Animal Research Centre, located in Wellington, New Zealand, was a Government-owned veterinary and animal research centre. Following the establishment of the New Zealand Department of Agriculture in 1892, a new facility was commissioned to undertake research on...
  5. urbexosaurus

    Mad Scientist's Lab, Poland (May 2015)

    This place was part of a giant complex where they used to build trains for the national railroad company. Most of the site was already demolished by the time we got here, but the lab itself was still worth the visit. It's been abandoned since 2010, which is sort of surprising, if you look...
  6. afraid2explore

    The Laboratory - 2015

    ‘But it was just a part of the story…’ This story starts in the point where the last one ( ended … more or less. It is again the same winter Sunday or Saturday … (don’t remember now maybe it was...
  7. Vancolen Kevin

    Horrorlabs 2 , (visit and revisit both 2015)

    this repo is a combo of 2 visits : Enjoy :P Horrorlabs 2 revisit by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Horrorlabs 2 revisit by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Horrorlabs 2 revisit by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Horrorlabs 2 by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Horrorlabs 2 by Vancolen...
  8. C

    Crookham manor, school laboratory. Aug 2013

    The manor has been posted a few times, so I chose not to bother with the main buildings. I'm surprised no-one has made more of a feature of this lab before though. Was a nice little treat for me finding it :) Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed! :)
  9. mookster

    The Forgotten Laboratory (Nov 2012) 2013

    Every so often it helps to 'know the right people' as they say...sometimes they can get you into places before they are cleared, no questions asked. Whether it's true 'urbex' or not is irrelevant as the general population wouldn't see areas like this anyway so it is a true explore in my book...
  10. Wevsky

    Ditton Research Laboratory June 2012

    Slightly different from the norm as we made a late night visit so no available light what so ever! Thanks to SpaceInvader and Obscurity for a few tips on access used,bit of a shame as that is no longer doable so my self and Urban ginger had to scout for another way in... Brief history borrowed...
  11. Nelly

    Transco Laboratory - Hertford - Sept 2011

    Contrary to popular belief Transco does not sell or supply gas it is simply the branch of National Grid PLC that transports gas across the country via a network of pipelines. That's about as exciting as it gets really, but remember if you smell gas, call Transco straight away!!! 0800 111 999...