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  1. Stevepg

    Great Britain Lodge on the lake Brongyntyn Hall: May 2019

    Found this little place whilst mooching at the backend of Brongyntyn Hall; which is well underway in conversion to yuppie flats;  Not much to see really except wonderful mould and magical doorsI believe it is an old boathouse originally built in the 19th century and it backs onto the hall's man...
  2. A

    Austria A sawmill by the lake, Austria (2018)

    I totally forgot to edit these photos of a recent exploration tour. A friend informed me of an abandoned sawmill by the lake so I had to check it out. On location are many different buildings, one where a family once lived in which is not accessible for the behaved urbexer like me, as no windows...
  3. skeleton key

    The BallRoom beneath the Lake –Nov-2012

    At a time when others where building towers reaching for the sky as a show of their status and wealth Its hardly surprising that a man who made his Fortune through mining in the late 1800 Wouldnt utilise the specialist skills available to him in the development Of his new Luxury home and go...

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