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  1. TheBackpackExplorer


    First time newbie post - the fear is real… so be gentle! The History Founded in 1842 by James Holding on a large clay deposit in Lancashire, Holding's Country Pottery dug & processed its very own Clay prior to production. Originally located in Gaulkthorn during 1842 before a move in 1860 to...
  2. The Urban Collective

    The Old Farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley - Lancashire

    The old abandoned farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley - Feb 2018 One of my favourite explores so far this old abandoned farmhouse was brimming with history and fortunately, we made it just before the bulldozers did. I've seen plenty of footage of this old place on the web and it seems we...
  3. The Urban Collective

    Bygone Pubs - Churchills Bolton - Formerly The Rose hill Tavern - Feb 2018

    Churchills Pub Bolton - Feb 2018 This week on Bygone Pubs we take a look into the derelict Grade two listed #Churchills #pub in #Bolton #Lancashire Formerly #TheRoseHillTavern. Many a #BoltonWanderers fan will remember a match day at Burnden Park then off to Churchills for a good old pint...
  4. The Urban Collective

    Bygone Pub's - St Joseph's Sodality Club - Leigh Lanc's - Feb 2018

    The Old Sodality Club #Leigh Lanc's This video is the first of my new series #bygonepubs where Il be documenting the steady decline of these wonderful gathering holes as the corporations' franchises and chains etc increase their stamp on society. I've had wonderful feedback from many people...
  5. RossWAdventures

    Great Britain Meadows Cottage (Lancashire) - May 2017

    I've code named this place as Meadows Cottage. This place is a hidden time capsule, with diaries and newspapers from as early as the 1940's. The most recent items had dates around the 1980's so it's hard to say how long this place has even been abandoned for. I actually explored this place back...
  6. coolboyslim

    Moorcock Inn - Lancashire - Jan 2015

    The Explore ... Got there after i nice walk from the village and was quite surprised by how big and cool looking it was. And at first it looked it quite good condition. But that soon changed. In i went cam ready first rooms where ok and in fairly good condition. The bar was great and the dome...
  7. urblex

    St Joey's, Lancashire - July 2014

    This was my first proper explore back when i didn't have a decent camera. Went back a few times recently with a better camera once solo & twice with Ferox (nice one mate :thumb always feels better to have some company wandering about this place), first time we went it was too dark & he...
  8. urblex

    Hi from Lancashire

    Been posting on a few other forums for a few months now, got into urbex after a mate told me about Whittingham & spending ages researching it obviously came across loads of urbex stuff. Didn't get to see her when she was whole but did get to see Whittingham, well half of it anyway. Most...
  9. SpiderMonkey

    The Empire, Burnley - March 14

    Hey again! Visited this one with Goldie, feel really lucky to have done it at this time because many people soon after found it sealed and completely inaccessible. Beauty of a place but at the same time a death trap.. Dry rot central! Only certain areas i could get to to take photos for fear of...
  10. frankabagnalejnr

    Holdings Lancashire Jan2014

    first report so be gentle and i know my camera skills aint the best but i enjoy getting out there This family affair was started in 1842 by James Holding at a small hamlet called Gaulkthorn, moving to Broadfield Pottery in 1860 where it continued under James Holding’s sons and grandsons...
  11. nickynackynoo

    An Orphanage in Lancashire, Nov 13.

    Right, well this place always took my fancy, so me and Cloaked Up paid a visit one Summer evening to fail horribly. He went back a few months later and got in, so armed with a new access point, I rocked up with Sonyes. I checked the new entry and decided it was a bit sketchy, so we went back to...
  12. scrappy

    Daimler house, lancashire. oct 13

    firstly this place is massive and is so bland inside as everything in there is white and plain. there are a few things left inside but not a great deal. it has a swimming pool and snooker table and also has its own stables. found out about this place as a friend sent on info he had received and...
  13. nickynackynoo

    The Empire Strikes Back, Lancashire, October 2013

    The Theatre opened on Monday the 29th of October 1894 with a variety show and could originally seat 1,935 people. In 1909, it was taken over by James Pringle and films were then part of the programme. The auditorium was reconstructed in 1911, to the plans of noted theatre architect Bertie Crewe...
  14. redsplore

    Lancashire Church (Visited - August 2013) Sept 2013

    Lancashire church that has been unused for a few years. There has been some signs of metal theft, but on the whole the interior was in pretty good condition.
  15. sonyes

    Hi all from Lancashire.

    Just dropping in to say hi, been viewing from afar for a while now, and finally got round to registering (thought I had done already) Doh! Have been using DP, but recently have noticed a lot of people switching to this. I am a relatively experienced explorer, and have met quite a few of other...
  16. nickynackynoo

    Great Britain A Wizard Evening Out, Lancashire, June 2013

    It's been done a lot, but Me, Cloaked Up and True British Metal eventually made time in our schedules to get here. And blimey, they have been busy flogging the rides. Not much left at all, so we had a mooch and took some photos and left. Camelot Theme park is located in Chorley, Lancashire. The...
  17. nickynackynoo

    Great Britain Church SS, Lancashire (2012), May 2013

    Have another one from the archives. It was a balmy August evening, wife and kids had gone out, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. The architect employed by Mr. Maden Holt was E. Wyndham Tarn of London. The church, 120 ft. long and 53 ft. wide was built in the Early Pointed Gothic style...
  18. nickynackynoo

    A Place to Drink and Dance, Lancashire, May 2013

    OK, first post, be nice. This place has been on my radar for a while now. Was bored one Thursday evening, so Mrs NNN told me to bugger off with the camera. Went out and as night fell, thought that I'd have a look at location access. Yep, was easily doable. Went back the next evening, got in...
  19. nickynackynoo

    Howdy from Lancashire

    Morning All, been doing this for approx a year now, still learning as I go regards the photo side. Been on another forum for a bit, time to spread those wings. I'll whack some stuff up in next day or so. NNN
  20. Flava

    Whittingham Asylum, Lancashire - (May 2012) 2013

    Whittingham Hospital opened officially on 1st April 1873, built by bricks made on site, the source being what became to be known as the "duck pond" but referred to on maps as the "fish pond". The kiln for the manufacture of the bricks was situated, apparently, in what is known "Super's Hill...