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  1. yonaguni

    The last days of Congoleum

    The Congoleum factory in hamilton nj or as its used too look..its rubble now The statues are from the nearby grounds for sculpture.. I wasent the 1st person in to explore parts of it were in ptich dark... ghost of the past i guess this help factory workers dream of...
  2. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany Hotel zur vergangenen Weihnacht / Hotel Last Christmas

    For my debut at this forum I introduce you to this hotel that was closed in 2009. Although it is situated perfectly in a nice touristic town there is no conclusive concept for the building. Currently the owner is in discussion with an investor who has a, let's say, quite "progressive" idea...
  3. SuZyQue

    Severalls last year 15.07.07 - Report

    Visited this place last year, fantastic place and a great explore, sadly I don't think there is much left now, Enjoy the pics. The demolished hall One of the many corridors. The water tower, comical entrance and what a view from the top. Some of the artwork on the walls was...
  4. SuZyQue

    Great Britain Pyestock last year. 2.08.07 Report

    Visited this place last year with StEaLtH and Lynton and Rachael and a few others, it was fantastic. Enjoy the pics. From the filmset, this was fantastic inside. This was one of the best places I've explored, Enjoy the pics.

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