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  1. Urbexbandoned

    Meanwood Hospital Mansion - Leeds - December 2018

    History   In 1919 Leeds Corporation rented Meanwood Park to provide a ‘colony’ for the mentally handicapped, which was formally opened on 3rd June 1920, although the first patient had been admitted in the previous year.  In 1921 the Corporation bought Meanwood Park estate and surrounding land...
  2. little_boy_explores

    Adel children's hospital, Leeds - September 2017

    "Wallpaper paper peeling heaven"   History   Eastmoor Secure Unit for Children, located near the small village of Adel in Leeds West Yorkshire opened in 1857 as the Leeds Reformatory for Boys by the Leeds Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders, on a site deliberately chosen to be...
  3. little_boy_explores

    Brotherton house, Leeds - Jan 18

    History Officially opened by the Earl of Scarborough in 1957, it was built the year before for £350,000 as headquarters for Leeds chemicals and dyestuffs firm Brotherton and Co and was at the heart of a new business area at the Westgate end of The Headrow. It was named in recognition of the...
  4. Buffalo

    High Royds Asylum, Menston - June 2016

    History High Royds Hospital (formerly known as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum) first opened on the 8th October 1888. The main purpose of the asylum was to contain and restrain mentally ill patients. People often spent decades imprisoned in the asylum, which was recognized in the High...
  5. Buffalo

    British Gas Building, Leeds - June 2016

    The former British Gas building was built in the 1960's and at 147ft is the 21st tallest building in Leeds. Originally to be demolished, this building currently has plans of being converted into a hotel designed by Simpson Haugh and partners. The podium building will also be extended and raised...
  6. Buffalo

    Clayton Hospital, Wakefield - July 2016

    The History Clayton Hospital was opened in 1854; after Thomas Clayton, a former city mayor donated buildings to the Wakefield general dispensary, an organisation set up to provide healthcare for the poor. It provided much needed healthcare long before the NHS was formed. The hospital was later...
  7. plod

    Little Chef Restaurant and Service Station, Tadcaster - June 2016

    I went on a trip to Tadcaster with @Buffalo we bumped into this car wash on the way. We decided it was worth a quick visit as I used to see it on the way to work. I was glad to finally satisfy my curiosity. There wasn't really much to the place but it was an interesting little explore.     ...
  8. Buffalo

    Chapel Allerton Hospital (Gledhow Grove Mansion), Leeds - June 2016

    Gledhow Grove, built in the 1820's was designed by architect John Clark in Greek Revival style. Chapel Allerton Hospital was opened in may 1927 by HRH Princess Mary, It was run by the Ministry of Pensions and cost £130,000. It replaced the old military hospital at Becketts Park in Leeds...
  9. plod

    Bramham Orphanage, Tadcaster - June 2016

    History Bramham House was originally built as a family home in 1806. It was later purchased by the West Riding County Council Children's Department in approximately 1947, who converted it into an orphanage for neglected and homeless children. 35 children were being looked after at the orphanage...
  10. Buffalo

    Opal 3 Abseil, Leeds - May 2016

    Went out for a day trip of exploring in Leeds with @plod. We had Opal 3 on our list but once we arrived in Leeds we already noticed there were people on the roof so we were unsure of whether we'd get a chance to get up there. We did some explores in the area to pass the time then eventually made...
  11. Hydro

    High Royds Lunatic Asylum, Leeds - Feb 2015

    Hello all, Recently realised i never did anything with my High Royds Photos. You all know the history so i wont bore you with that... Heres how it all played out; How I got a restraining order from a building... Cast your mind back to February... 2 years since the last report on High Royds...
  12. Funlester

    Mount St Mary's Church, Leeds - Oct 15

    2nd of 4 visits on Sunday with 2 other people, was a tricky little access but worth it in the end. Bit of an empty shell now but still worth it. History - Mount St Mary's is one of the architectural treasures of the city of Leeds. It is a grade two listed building dating from 1853. The laying...
  13. WildBoyz

    Dark Arches, Leeds - October 2015

    History The land on which the arches now stand, including the River Aire that runs beneath part of the city, was originally occupied by peasant farmers. People had farmed this area as early as the 1086, when the region was known as Loidis in the Celtic Kingdom of Elmet. During these early...
  14. coolboyslim

    Leeds Girls High School - Sep 15

    Ok wanted to see this for a while so at 2 am decided to go look. Visited with acid reflux even though he stayed in car has he was shattered and stranton. Explore. Ok work is well on way here with lots of the building ripped up and several outside buildings now rubble. But most was still here...
  15. Hydro

    M&M, Yorkshire - Aug 15

    For around a year id been saying to myself i must do Masticator and Megatron but id never gotten around to it. However last month i got them both done with a little help from Raz, Jord & ACID- REFLUX. So we shall start in date order, with the Masticator. Bit of History; The Meanwood Beck...
  16. Jamie_P

    British Gas Building-June 2015

    -First Report- One of my latest explores from June. There's not a lot of information about this place that i could find. However on with the explore; Explored with a non-member, After talking to some people about access and details we were prepared and ready. Only to get there and be greeted...
  17. Hydro

    Leeds Train Station (Subterranean Areas) - Aug 15

    So as you all now know, Network Rail were kind enough to give us a tour of the lower levels of the Train Station as we had failed numerous times to reach these areas via stealth. Explored with Raz & Jord Bit of History; Leeds railway station (also known as Leeds City railway station) is...
  18. Hydro

    Knostrop Water Treatment Outlet, Leeds - July 15

    So by now most of you have seen Raz's report, here my version of events :) Quick drive not so far from us and a walk through what i can only describe as a Jurrasic like British "rain forrest" by the side of the river Aire led us to a nice looking drain, it stank like hell and for a while im...
  19. Hydro

    Body Pulled From Rive Aire, Leeds

    Hope this was noone we know trying the Dark Arches :sad:
  20. Hydro

    Knostrop treatment works outlet, Leeds - July 2015

    Myself and Raz went down a cool drain in Leeds last night, read Raz's report here; Press HD - Little walk about