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  1. Paradox

    Great Britain Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019

    Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019 2 reports in relatively quick succession, its almost like I've actually been out doing stuff ;) Sunday was let's go do stuff day! We hadn't been out for a while and @bigjobs and I had arranged to meet up with @jaynelouise to check out a...
  2. BrotherHoodUrbex

    Margaret Beaven School, Liverpool - October 2017

    History Margaret Beaven School is a grade II-listed building that was built in 1885 and was designed by Francis Doyle. The house was originally called Eddesbury, it was supposedly the last sustainable Victorian house that was built in West Derby. It was once occupied by Danson Cunningham a...
  3. Lavino

    Great Britain Littlewoods building Liverpool may 2018

    A early morning meet in Liverpool with @GK-WAX to try a few locations around the city that resulted in a few fails but can wait for another day. Then we decided on littlewoods.this one I have tried before with @telf and @whoopashooppa  but didn't manage to get far so roll on a few years and I'm...
  4. BritishRanger

    Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel, Liverpool

    My Visit - This one was quite fun, although there is not many items left to see, its a great walk under Liverpool, with some nice stone and brickwork to see. We arrived quite early, and had absolutely no trouble finding and getting into the tunnel, the rest is best seen in pictures!
  5. BritishRanger

    Ark Synagogue

    The Ark Synagogue, Liverpool. Also known as Greenbank Synagogue. History - My visit - I visited this site recently with two friends that I run the facebook page 0151 Outdoors with, if you are on facebook, give us a like! Well, I dont really know if this can be classed as a report, haven't...
  6. BritishRanger

    Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse - Jan 18

  7. BritishRanger

    Crank Caverns

    Well, heres another easy explore I done recently with a few friends. This is only the second location I've visited, so be gentle! I wont bore you with TOO much history, as this has been done numerous times, and I'm sure most of you are aware of this place or have visited yourself. CRANK...
  8. WildBoyz

    Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel, Liverpool - October 2017

    History The Waterloo Tunnel is a 779 metre (852 yards) long disused railway tunnel in Liverpool. It opened in 1849. At its Eastern end, the Waterloo Tunnel opens into a short cutting (approximately 63 metres long) which connects to the Victoria Tunnel which is 1.536 miles (2.474 kilometres)...
  9. jones-y-gog

    Forum/ABC Cinema, Liverpool (April 2016)

    I've got a bit of a thing for theatres and cinemas and this one had been tightly sealed for many years and had the reputation of being a real tough nut to crack. When I heard there was a whiff of a chance I realised that I had to act quick if I was to get inside this rather special place. I'm...
  10. WildBoyz

    Victoria Tower, Liverpool - December 2016

    History Victoria Tower, which is also known locally as ‘the Docker’s Clock’, is a Grade II listed Gothic Revival clock tower located alongside Sailsbury Dock in Liverpool. It was designed by Jesse Hartley, an eminent engineer who was responsible for the construction of a large number of the...
  11. J

    New Liverpool Explorer

    hello all. just thought I would introduce 6ft 2 31 years or age male from Liverpool. im a newbee and very adventurous and daring with a great personality. I know Liverpool offers a new world of hidden gems to explore. willing to try anything; even if its risky. i am looking to...
  12. KarlPhoto365

    Great Britain The Ark, Liverpool (Sept 15)

    The Ark (Greenbank Synagogue) Liverpool. Hit this with Lavino,, Woopsahoopaa and a few others from other forums in Sep 15. I know its late but why not hey? After a fail down at Cains we headed here and with a snap, crackle and pop, we were in! History: Built in 1936, the historic...
  13. macc_explore

    Holly Lodge Girls College, Liverpool - April 2016

    The Explore When I seen a report of this place pop up I had to get back over to Liverpool and check it out.. going to school just down the road the thought of getting inside Holly Lodge as a teenager was like a dream haha... fast forward 20 odd years and I finally get inside although for an...
  14. macc_explore

    X in the City, Liverpool - April 2016

    The Explore Another early morning of explores in Liverpool city centre and again tried the Futurist with no luck (one day we will get in there somehow)  ended up in the old X in the City strip club.. lets just say this brought back some fond memories :) Explored with @The Man In Black  The...
  15. macc_explore

    Lawrence Road Methodist Church, Liverpool - March 2016

    The Explore One of them spare of the moment explores after a visit to the Canon cinema in the city centre a friend and fellow explorer tipped us off about an old church in Wavertree so we headed on down.. Surprised to see a fully in tact organ considering how long this has been abandoned! The...
  16. macc_explore

    Canon Cinema, Liverpool - March 2016

    The Explore Tried this one a few times with no luck at all so very happy to finally get inside! Quite a personal one for me this as it was were I watched my first movie at the cinema (Superman 4).. strangely the place doesn't look anything like I remember it, only the entrance area seemed...
  17. macc_explore

    Wapping Railway Tunnels, Liverpool - January 2016

    The Explore So after a few unsuccessful attempts in the city centre and a brief visit to Newsham Hospital morgue we headed to meet a friend to explore some underground tunnels. Something very different for me as only ever really explored buildings but the history of this tunnel was a great...
  18. TheVampiricSquid

    The Ark - Grenbank Synagogue, Liverpool - October 2015

    History: Built in the 1930’s The Ark is not a traditional synagogue, but is certainly in keeping with the Art Deco style of the era. The building incorporated a number of architectural advancements to successfully create a modernised synagogue experience. The amazing space is inviting and has...
  19. The_Raw

    Ogden's Imperial Tobacco, Liverpool

    Can't find any reports from this despite it closing 4 years ago. Demolition now looks set to go ahead so it's worth having a nose around if you live up there....
  20. Hydro

    The Ark - Greenbank Synagogue - December 14

    Number four of my hundreds of back logged reports to do! Can i first of all apologise for the angle of my images, these were taken on my S5 :( Visited with -Raz- and 2 non members on our trip around Lancashire. The Explore; At first we were sure we werent going to get into this building as...