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  1. urbex travel

    Poland Abandoned Train Graveyard in Łódź, 2020

    Today we are going to show you the place with the terrible history. During the WWII there was a labor camp where a lot of people died suffering. Next, the Russian army totally destroyed this small village located near Łódź. After the war, the village became the part of the city and there was...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Locomotive graveyard - Aug, 2020

    History: Located somewhere in a large forest lays this big train yard, which is full of historic locomotives. The trains here date all the way back to the second world war, back then these locomotives were built to serve the heavy loads of the war. It wasn't always war material though, a small...
  3. Gabor

    Hungary Railway cemetary

    This is the railway cemetary of Hungary, once honored, powerful machines now forgotten in the mud and dirt. Rust in peace!
  4. Anna Jacobsen

    A Visit to a Locomotive Works

    A Visit to a Abandoned Locomotive Works, was in Germany. This site was given to us from a friend and so off we went to check it out.