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  1. Landie_Man

    Great Britain The Longbridge Tunnels, Birmingham - November 2018

    Visited back in November with Mookster after seeing the Typhoo Factory.  Another one ticked off the list which has been kicking about for years.  I really enjoyed this one; though quite bare and largely sealed, it had a lot of nice things to see down there.  The air was pretty bad though in...
  2. The Elusive

    Longbridge Bunker

    Certain parts of longbridge that were left look amazing from previous reports, before my time unfortunaltely but i was still determined to check out every nook and cranny around the area just in case we had missed something! Ive been up the area a handful of times over the last year and despite...
  3. wellingtonian

    Longbridge Tunnels, Birmingham. Nov 2015

    Longbridge Tunnels Visited during an interesting nights exploring in Brum with Lenston. Here's some history shamelessly lifted from from his excellent report: Here's the iconic shot of ladies building the engines during the war And on with some shonky pics. Lenston doing what he does...
  4. Lenston

    Longbridge Tunnels - Birmingham -Nov - 2015

    Visited with Wellingtonian. Done a good few times before but a good mooch for an hour or 2. Some History The ‘Shadow Factory Tunnels’ are the remnants of Lord Austin’s secret plans that were hatched to bolster British military might in the face of German military aggression in the arms...
  5. lucan

    Great Britain longbridge tunnel system oct 2015

    built during the war so work could continue in the event of the factory above getting bombed on with some pics from the explore with the elusive the mini was removed from this section of the tunnels and now sits elsewhere as the story of the mini being...
  6. bango

    Longbridge Tunnels, West Midlands - (June 2013) - November 2013

    Took a trip with with a fellow explorer one night after spotting an entrance. We descended 4 the flight staircase deep into the ground and where confronted by a flooded passage, I was immediately thankful i had brought my wellies (unlike Bubblehead, who had a very squelchy explore). We waded...
  7. Lara

    Longbridge Tunnels - 2013

    This was my first proper underground splore, so please excuse the pics, new to the light painting so a big thank you to SK and Baron for letting me pinch their light Teeny bit of history Longbridge was where munitions workers produced the Merlin engines that powered Spitfires and Hawker...