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  1. jones-y-gog

    St Georges Asylum (May 2014)

    As I was flicking through old files recently i noticed that I'd only processed about half of the pics from here. So I decided it was about bloody time I did - this is the condensed version.  If you are interested in reading more about the institution I would recommend reading the info on the...
  2. Ben

    Eastern State Hospital

    Found this place by comparing a vague YouTube video and some info I've found here and there, then confirmed with Google maps satellite. Place was pretty big, but unfortunately pretty destroyed by vandals over time. Here are some pictures I took on my scouting trip there. Will go back for...
  3. ASOM


    Here's a little selection of some of the more random, less-obvious shots from 10 years of exploring asylums. One shot each from most of the ones I've visited. Thought I'd try and avoid the obvious shots a little. Aston Hall (Nottinghamshire Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1930) Ward...
  4. Hydro

    High Royds Lunatic Asylum, Leeds - Feb 2015

    Hello all, Recently realised i never did anything with my High Royds Photos. You all know the history so i wont bore you with that... Heres how it all played out; How I got a restraining order from a building... Cast your mind back to February... 2 years since the last report on High Royds...
  5. chambre

    Lunatic asylum C. -shared 2015

    Unfortunately, this place beautiful place has been heavily vandalized short before our visit. Some idiots have thrown most of the furniture from the first floor into the main corridor... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 A few more shots can be found here, however most of the motifs have been...
  6. Lowri Jen

    St John's Hospital, Lincoln County Lunatic Asylum - November 2012

    Visited on a very cold, early morning during a Lincolnshire road trip I went on last winter. I was so cold and tired on this particular morning that I managed to forget to put on my shoes before leaving the car, so ended up doing the whole explore in my slippers! However, it was very much...
  7. Lowri Jen

    Great Britain Stone House Hospital, City of London Lunatic Asylum - (June 2012) 2013

    I visited this place last year when I was trying to see as many asylums as possible before they were knocked down or converted. I must have got to this one just in time, as last time I visited there were people living in it. It was nice to see the building being put to good use and the...
  8. oldskool

    Great Britain The Lancaster County Lunatic Asylum Permission Visit - Apr 2013

    The Lancaster County Lunatic Asylum Lancaster Moor Hospital (formerly known as The County Lunatic Asylum). During the nineteenth century Lancaster became a provincial centre for the treatment of mental illness. In 1809 it was decided that the proposed County Lunatic Asylum would be built at...
  9. klempner69

    North Wales Lunatic Asylum (visited 2010) 2013

    The North Wales Lunatic Asylum was the first psychiatric institution built in Wales; construction began in 1844 and completed in 1848 in the town of Denbigh. The roof has been made safe supposedly to prevent further weather damage.After exploring it,the wife told me she still preferred...
  10. Flava

    Stone House Hospital, London Lunatic Asylum Kent - April 201

    Stone House Hospital, formerly the City of London Lunatic Asylum, was a hospital and former mental illness treatment facility in Stone, near Dartford, Kent, in the United Kingdom. As of November, 2007 the hospital has been closed, and bids have been taken for its redevelopment to house luxury...
  11. Nelly

    Stone House Hospital/City of London Lunatic Asylum - Nov '11

    Stone House Hospital, formerly the City of London Lunatic Asylum, was a hospital and former mental illness treatment facility in Stone, near Dartford, Kent Stone House was originally constructed at a cost of £65,000 between 1862 and 1866 at the behest of the London Commissioners in Lunacy to...
  12. H

    Storths hall lunatic asylum 2011

    History has been done and done again, There is a security guard and Alsation on site 24/7, well we saw the big pootch but no guard !......bugger it go for the pics, no way in grrrrr but we did manage to get some out side shots..... :) it's a real shame there is only the clock tower left and a...

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