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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Manicomio Di R

    History: Manicomio Di R was built in 1870 as an place for the poor, but after a couple of years it was transformed into an mental asylum. Electroshock therapy was used extensively here, along with experimental operations on the nervous system. Facilities included a laboratory of clinical...
  2. Benjamin W.

    Italy Manicomio Celletta

    Since many years we knew this manicomio of the italian south but we never tried to go there. It's not the best place to be cause of the crime in this region. Italians warned us that we had to take care of our gear if we explore this region. Sometimes it's not good to hear to many stories cause...
  3. The_Raw

    Manicomio di V, Italy - February 2018

    Yep, it's another Italian asylum! Last one from this trip. We changed our plans at the last minute to check on this instead of visiting one of the better known spots. It was a bit of a gamble as we had no info and it was going to be the last explore of the trip, but it could be epic. I'm glad we...
  4. The_Raw

    Manicomio di R, Italy - February 2018

    This had been on my to-do list for some time having seen previous reports. I suppose for that reason it was more of a pilgrimage than an explore but well enjoyable nonetheless. We made a right meal of getting in here but it was necessary with the amount of activity near where we wanted to be...
  5. The_Raw

    Manicomio Di Vercelli, Italy - February 2018

    This was a fun one. A small part of the hospital is still in use so there were lots of vehicles coming and going. Security kept driving up and down the main road as well like it was groundhog day so we had to stay on our toes. The hospital was built in 1930 for the treatment of people suffering...
  6. ForgottenBuildings

    Manicomio Di V

    This is Manicomio Di V (Mental asylum). The hospital was built in 1930 due to growing demand for mental support in the region. The hospital closed in 1991 due to new laws. [ The overgrown church [ The entrance of the theatre  The decaying theatre  The old projector Fences to prevent...
  7. Ghost-Scooter

    Manicomio di C. - 09/2016

    The terrain of this psychiatric hospital is huge (1.000.000 square metre). So it took me 2 days to explore and I didn't have a chance to visit all buildings or the whole surrounding. UNfortunately most of the buildings were cleared but it was still beautiful there. Between 1908 and 1933  40...
  8. Stussy

    Manicomio Di Quarto - April 16

    During a Italian trip waaaay back in 2016, I visited this rather lovely Manicomio in the heart of a seaside Italian City, it was impressive to say the least.  Huge stairs, huge windows, high ceilings, but sadly rather empty, but I enjoyed it enough to go back this year with Baroness Von...
  9. SpiderMonkey

    Manicomio di R - 2015

    More Italy reportage! :D This place was particularly special and possibly my favourite location on the whole trip :) Italy is just full of goodness, no matter what sort of derp it is! We hit this one late afternoon and was the last location of the day, we didn't get as long as we'd liked in...
  10. AndyK!

    Manicomio di R - April 2015

    Manicomio di R is an abandoned asylum in Italy. Built in 1871 the hospital was a transformation of other buildings that were originally a hospital of charitable institutions, and later a military college. The hospital was used to treat the mentally ill, and electroshock therapy was used...
  11. Niels Devisscher

    Manicomio di R. (okt 2014)

    Contrary to Art 'n Decay, we didn't get caught :) Really liked the hallways in this one.
  12. Art 'n Decay

    Manicomio di R - Busted at Il Classico - visited may 2015

    Manicomio di R - visited may 2015 Manicomio di R, one of the most precious and famous asylums in Italy So this one we had to do, and we did... for like 20 minutes :-( We decided to do the underground-route because that was the 'most unseen' one. Once on groundfloor, we were welcomed in the...
  13. Gambit

    Manicomio Di R, Italy - September 2014

    It was late afternoon by the time we arrived on site, but the plan remained - carry our gear in with us and spend the night. This was, after all, the main reason for the trip. I know, always dangerous to pin the success of a trip on one place, as if you don't get in, the disappointment is going...
  14. Gigi

    Manicomio G - May 2013

    An awesome sauce place! A huge complex with a great forest nearby, rumoured to have gold buried beneath it from soldiers from the time the hospital was used in World War II Also rumours of a guy living here with a weapon, but I saw jack shit. I did however get cut to pieces via brambles and...

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