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  1. Urbexbandoned

    Easington Colliery School - Durham- March 2015

    So I had been told about this little school up north a while back and recently had the pleasure of visiting it. Split in to 2 sections, one for the girls and one for the boys with a great big wall down the middle I can only assume that being a schoolchild here and meeting a child of the...
  2. hamtagger

    North Wales Hospital, Denbighshire - March 2015

    North Wales Hospital AKA Denbigh Asylum The Explore I couldn’t do a tour around Wales without calling into to see this one. After already being awake for a long time i’m not even sure what time we arrived or indeed when we left but myself and Session9 had a good few hours in here, which...
  3. Ghostpast

    Zeche Heinz, march 2015

    When we arrived at the gates, parked the car 100 mtrs away we saw the security walking around there. This entrance is a no go. Parked the car somewhere else and get in the hard way. After 1.5 hours they found us :( Busted, after a talk, that took prints of our ID's and put us into the system...
  4. Ghostpast

    Prison 19, March 2015

    What a great explore, 5 am, alarmclock, wake up! 6 am, fck i felt asleep again, hurry! Great way to start your day, next problem. We got the location, but is it the right one? Driving through germany we found a prison, why are there so many cars and why does it looks different? Park the car and...
  5. Urbexbandoned

    Durham Baths - March 2015

    This is somewhere that has been done to death so I won't bore you all with the history! A complete dump really but seriously one of the most photogenic places I have been to. I quite enjoyed it here, visited the day before and stood watching as 3 teenagers were throwing slates from the roof in...
  6. Ghostpast

    Theatre Jeusette, March 2015

    I still wanted to visit this place before demolition, so last week we drove here to found quite a thrashed theatre, but with some nice light inside. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
  7. mookster

    An Abundance of American Abandonments - March 2015

    I am finally at the end of my American adventure photos, I posted up the larger sites separately and as a bonus, here is a bumper pack of the places I explored where I either didn't get enough photos to warrant a thread of their own, or weren't worthy of their own thread for whatever other...
  8. mookster

    Paramount Theater - March 2015

    I was originally going to post this in my 'mixed bag' thread coming up as I only got a few usable photos, but looking back on it it was such a memorable explore and so few people have done it I feel it deserves it's own place in the spotlight. The Paramount Theater in Newark, New Jersey was...
  9. Cozmic

    FDGW - March 2015

    Free German Trade Union Federation. Looks like this place was a small holiday camp for trade union members in the forma East Germany. Found this place early this month. Didn't look like much from outside but had quite a few good details shots inside. Beds were still made up!
  10. mookster

    Portside Grain Elevator aka 'The Motherload' - March 2015

    ...or to give it it's proper title, the 'Holy f**king s**t this is epic' Grain Elevator. After finding the most unassuming but amazing breakfast spot ever where I ate possibly the best toasted bacon and egg breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten I knew that it was going to be a good day. This...
  11. -Raz-

    Royal Haslar hospital - March '15

    After 2 hours kip and a 2 AM start we set off on the 4 hour trip down to Gosport to revisit this epic place. Our first visit mainly consisted of getting lost and getting caught by security so with a better plan this time we managed to spend most of the day in there leaving no room untouched in...
  12. mookster

    Roebuck Plantation House - March 2015

    I have been itching to share this place with everyone, so much that I have been trying my hardest to not rush through the rest of the places just to get to it sooner! I rarely fall in love with places, but this place totally captured my heart. I thought I wouldn't see somewhere I liked more than...
  13. mookster

    Mountain View Hotel - March 2015

    Not far from the fabulous little power plant and overlooking the same river sits a rather large imposing hotel. My mate had spotted this from the air whilst scoping out the power plant on Google maps and thought it looked abandoned so did some more digging and found out it was 'closed...
  14. mookster

    The Littlest Hydro-electric Power Plant - USA - March 2015

    Sometimes the best things do come in small packages, such is the case here... Nestled on the banks of a river deep in rural 'old town America' in a historic town straight out of the early 1800s sits a proper little gem. This small power plant was constructed in 1899 originally as part of an...
  15. Maniac

    Canterbury Gas Holder - March 2015

    About 6 years ago myself and Frosty had a go at getting up this. We failed at the time, neither one of us was confident enough to try climbing over the gate half way up. Fast forward 6 years, I thought I'd have another crack at this while killing some time in Canterbury, then I revisited it...
  16. mookster

    Ivy Hill Psychiatric Center - March 2015

    I finally cracked it. Since the beginning of last year, when I first began seriously looking into and researching abandonments in the United States, I was in awe at the sheer number of derelict hospitals and asylums that littered the country. Think back to our own 'age of asylums' that lasted...
  17. -Raz-

    Mount St Mary's - March '15

    After trying this place a while back and sacking it off as it was a dodgy access, a short while later I saw some pictures of the place and was amazed as to how big it was, fast forward a couple months and on a sunny week day me and Fat Panda headed over and after some head scratching and some...
  18. Session9

    North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - March 2015

    NORTH WALES HOSPITAL, DENBIGH - MARCH 2015 History Designed by architect Thomas Full James to originally accommodate between 60 and 200 patients, the hospital originally had its own farm and gasworks. Planned for closure by Enoch Powell during the 1960s, it was closed in sections from 1991...
  19. mookster

    White Star Mansion - March 2015

    All credit for finding this goes to my friend I made shortly before my trip out, we decided to meet up and explore together and at some point along the way he mentioned he had spotted an until this point unexplored mansion whilst heading to a pet store (or something like that). So with the...
  20. mookster

    Buffalo Malting Corp. - March 2015

    Carrying on my adventures from my first weekend over the ocean, the snow unfortunately made some spots more risky than was normal to go in (the fear of leaving footprints for cops to follow ever present) so me and my Stateside companions fell back on a couple of less risky places to finish the...