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  1. mookster

    Double Trouble Churches - NY - March 2015

    There are a lot of churches in America. In a country rapidly losing it's faith at speeds faster than ever this means there are also a lot of abandoned churches. There are at least six in this one city alone, two of which I did last year and I kicked off my 'proper' explores on this trip by...
  2. skeleton key

    Urban Explorer Dies In Storm drain - March - 2015

    It doesnt get any sadder than this im afraid. More here. RIP :Gulp:
  3. skeleton key

    - The latest Horror Labs & shit - March - 2015

    Well I thought id best share guys. If you are easily offended I apologise and you should move swiftly on as that is not my intention. I feel I have the duty to share my experiences in the form of imagery and this is my disclaimer. As in keeping with the recent facebook posts I thought id...
  4. The_Raw

    Hunter's Hotel - Germany, March 2015

    Disused rather than abandoned, this hotel has been empty for around 40 years in parts and 20 years in others. Located in the snowy German mountains much of it's custom came from skiers but eventually it stopped making enough money to continue a viable business. Rather than sell for a pittance...
  5. Landie_Man

    Calcott Hall, Mid Wales - March 2015

    So after a lot of umming and arring about where to go, SouthSide and I decided to head deep into Mid Wales and see if this was still doable. It was very well documented over the last three or four years, things had been unfortunately pillaged and its looking worse for wear, but saying that it...
  6. The_Raw

    Zeche DB - Germany, March 2015

    This was a coal mine dating back to 1902, the last mining shaft was filled in by 1999, and the colliery closed in 2008. Rumour has it demolition is scheduled for May, but there is info online suggesting it be retained as an industrial monument so I'm not entirely sure. I saw this pop up a while...
  7. The_Raw

    Mine S - France, March 2015

    This was a great location, massive thanks to Andy & Miaro for taking us there. It's a huge complex with an above ground section and a separate underground area. It was originally a mine but during WW2 it was used for weapons production and storage. It's big enough to get lost inside but you...
  8. -Raz-

    Old Mill, Huddersfield - March'14

    Headed over to Huddersfield for a afternoon in some mills with Fat Panda yesterday, the amount of derelict mills and factories in the area is amazing! Here's a few pics from the first place didn't come out too well but thought I would post em anyway :) Here's one from another mill...
  9. Session9

    Pig Research Centre, Stotfold - March 2015

  10. Fekneejit

    Partial solar eclipse - this Friday (20th March)

    Thought I'd mention it in case anyone wasn't aware, bonus points for any creepy window shots at an abandoned asylum during a partial eclipse surely? :D 07:41 - 11:50 UTC/GMT, 40-90% blocked from most of UK, 90%+ way oop north. More info here.
  11. -Raz-

    British Gas rooftop - March '15

    After sneaking in and reaching the top floor of the Opal Tower to find a locked hatch we headed over the road to the British gas building in leeds, after not having the luxury of a lift unlike the opal tower 14 floor's later we was greeted by a amazing view overlooking the city. The building...
  12. wellingtonian

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels March 2015 ( visited April 2014)

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels The Devon and Somerset a Railway (D&SR) was a cross country line that connected Barnstaple in Devon, to the network of the Bristol and Exeter Railway (B&ER) at Norton Fitzwarren, near Taunton. It was opened in stages between 1871 and 1873. The...
  13. Landie_Man

    Cwm Coke Cokeworks, Beddau, South Wales – March 2015

    Cwm Coke Cokeworks, Beddlau, South Wales – March 2015 Wow, this is one I have wanted to do for years and finally I got to see it. Me and Southside Assassin loaded up the car and headed off for a mixed weekend away in Wales. After taking a wrong turn and ending 20 miles too far from the...
  14. E

    Zeche WH - March 2015

    Visited with The_Raw and Monkey, cheers Miaro and Andy for the location info. :) huge site, we were there for quite a few hours and didn't explore half the buildings due to time constraints, a coal mine dating back to 1902, we managed to get into the coking and refinery works. Security is...
  15. The_Raw

    WWII Underground Bunker - France, March 2015

    This bunker was built in 1934. It consists of three combat blocks, each linked by an underground gallery system containing barracks spaces, ammunition storage and utility services. The galleries are excavated at an average depth of up to 30 metres (98 ft). In 1940 it was attacked by German...
  16. E

    Powerplant Cyklonkessel - Germany - March 2015

    Thanks a lot to Andy W for having us at his place over the weekend and to him and Miaro for showing us around. I've always wanted to check this place out and managed to find the location out awhile back, got to visit it as part of a little road trip with The_Raw and Monkey, along with our hosts...
  17. Fekneejit

    Buxton lime works - March 2015

    So, my first splore, after looking around some local sites I decided to go somewhat suburbex & take a trip to the Peaks. The lime works were set up in 1901 next to the quarry just to the south. Been closed since mid 50s. After some streetview stalking I'd decided to go across the farmland...
  18. Lenston

    Dinas Silica Mine (Revisit) Wales - March 15

    Visited with an old mate of mine Cunningplan History Dinas Rock Silica Mines The mines behind Dinas Rock were a rather larger affair than their cousins alongside the Nedd Fechan. Several large entrances are still clearly visible from the path which drops steeply down from the top of Dinas...
  19. -Raz-

    St Paul's Church - March 2015

    On a rather snowy morning after failing to get into a nearby mill we headed through bradford to st paul's church a place which I had seen endless amounts of pics from but never ventured there myself. The place is absolutely fuc*** but the roof is brilliant! Visited with Fat Panda Designed by...
  20. Kalum_a

    St Joseph's - March 2015

    Well only just realised Forex has recently posted a new thread for St Joseph's Seminary, we also went back to this amazing place to take a couple of photos ourselves. We managed to get in pretty easy whilst managing to stay away from the ear piercing alarm. We had a good look round the place but...