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  1. sageman

    thorpe lodge tunnel, Norwich - March 2013

    HISTORY John Harvey,banker and Mayor of Norwich in 1792, built Thorpe Lodge. To extend his estate westwards he moved the road which was subsequently named Harvey Lane. This extension crossed over the City boundary, which to this day continues to run through the property. The crinkle crankle...
  2. Timster1973

    The Zombie Hospital - visited March 2014

    Evening alll, Another set finished from March's tour of Germany. This hospital was a last minute shoe in and looked quite trashed from the outside and also the bottom floor but as we went on, there was some nice details to be had right throughout. Looks like a zombie apocalypse happened in...
  3. bassboyjoe

    Millennium Mills, Silvertown, London, March 2014

    History The Millennium Mills is a derelict turn of 20th century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock, between the Thames Barrier and the ExCel exhibition centre alongside the newly built Britannia village, in Newham, London, England. Along with Millennium...
  4. Timster1973

    Bergklinic - visited March 2014

    Afternoon all, Last stop on the way back to the airport with a non member on this last minute trip to Germany saw us stopping here. Up in the forest and in the middle of nowhere was this large hospital which looked very impressive from the exterior. I knew from friends reports the week before...
  5. Indecisive M

    Millennium Tower and Holiday Inn, Salford Quays - June 2014 (Visited March 2014)

    I've been planning to meet up with someone, who often explores in the Salford area for a while now but things always got in the way, like the weather for example! we rescheduled our meeting a few times and eventually got together on a perfectly mild Spring evening. There was plenty of high...
  6. Timster1973

    Docteur Anna L - revisit - March 2014

    Evening all, Another report and another residence/surgery which has been covered many a time and is still somewhere that attracts a lot of traffic.....slowly getting my edits finished from earlier stuff so brace yourselves ;) Lucky enough to go on a last minute trip to Germany in March with a...
  7. Grunpfnul

    Chateau Noisy - visit from march 2014

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  8. Norfolk Explorer

    Raf Banham. Suffolk. March 2014

    Nice one to Zyge for sorting out the visit. This site was unreal when you think of the history of it, and it was nice to get the guided tour around it all. Apart from my little daughter complaining that it is not us fun exploring when you are allowed to be somewhere, it is more fun when you are...
  9. Grunpfnul

    Grand Hotel Schabracke - Visit from March 2014

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  10. Grunpfnul

    Vroom Vroom Garage April 2014 (March 2014)

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  11. sentinel

    St Clement's Hospital - bow, East London - April 2014 (Visited March 2014)

    Visit This was a great little explore with The_Raw. On the first visit some funny random things straight from the start, including being locked in by security, finding some strange torture chair, both being attacked by pigeons plus some others. On the second visit I noticed a couple of Squibb...
  12. cunningplan

    The Sly Fox, March 2014

    Wanted to go here since the first time it was posted and went with a couple of none members. When we arrived there was a farmer driving his tractor up and down the lane outside, so at first we thought we were done for the day, we were so close but so far, in the end waited until he was out of...
  13. Lucky Pants

    The house of the Sly Fox. March 2014.

    The house of the Sly Fox. A great explore with some superb company of Ssshhh... ,Mars Lander and antonymes for whom we owe the visit too, a wonderful find mate well done . The sun was shining and we were off into the sticks to find a few locations we had planned to visit, with the first two...
  14. NightVision

    Aston Gas Works- Birmingham- March 14

    Originally, gas was only used for lighting for a few hours at the start and end of each day. Storing gas was the solution to make it over a longer period. The first gas holders were a “bell†floating in a tank of water. Calibration marks were used to show on the floating bell showed...
  15. Flava

    Stowford Paper Mill, Ivybridge, Devon, March, 2014

    This place is being dismantled very quickly so redevelopment work can begin. BIG thanks to Collingwood for sorting out a permission visit on this one ;) History Paper making started at Stowford Mill 226 years ago, in 1787, on the same site as a corn mill, both using water from the River Erme...
  16. MiaroDigital

    Sports out!!! March 2014

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  17. tank2020

    Maison Grande George - Belgium - March 2014

    Out in the outback of Belgium sits this little inconspicuous property that really isn't that grand. Once inside the building its a mess and in a real state of decay, yet amongst the rot sits little treasures waiting to stitch a picture together of the former inhabitants of the site. Part of a...
  18. sentinel

    West Park Hospital Sports and Social Club, Epsom March 2014 (Visited Dec 2013)

    Visited this place back in Dec 2013 With West Park Hospital rapidly getting redeveloped this one is worth a few minutes if your passing. Couple of professional pool tables still left inside, and considering it was left abandoned around 2007 I'm surprised it's not a total wreck. Disturbingly a...
  19. shaddam

    London Millennium Mills - March 2014

    So back to the old mill for visit no.6, explored with SK, Lara, Starlight, Miss_anthrope, and a non forum member, a great night with great company. History if you're interested can be found on my previous reports...
  20. Shortstaa

    letsbe avenue march 2014

    before i get to the good bit im just going to say that i have been watching this location for the best part of a year now and after several failed attempts ive finally made it in. i have some history for the place but i wont be posting it for a while as it would give the location away and we all...