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  1. AlanMowbs82

    ST Martins deep level shelter.

    Morning everyone, managed to finally see this place after waiting for a long time, it was the final deep shelter around the dover area that i hadnt seen so i was pretty happy, nice shelter but stinks of wee wee up the top part and it has been really burnt out at some point but there is still...
  2. Frosty

    St Martins Deep Shelter - Dover - Visited 2012 - Posted 2013

    Few pics from St Martins, nice little shelter, could also be known as the nutcracker! ;) :D Sorry pretty crappy pics! Frosty.
  3. Nelly

    St Martins Deep Shelter - Dover - Nov 2011

    Splored with Skeleton Key, UrbanX, Wevsky, SpaceInvader, Troglodyte, Mrs Troglodyte, Urban Ginger and Ian ______________________________________________________ Planning for this battery situated just south east of the Drop Redoubt started around 1853 and completed in the 1870's and was...
  4. silverainbow

    St Martins Deep Shelter, Dover, July 2011

    St Martins Battery was constructed in the 1870's and was updated at the begining of the second world war, part of this included extending the already present Battery Magazine into a deep underground shelter, It has suffered smoke damage and several collapses but is still worth seeing all the...
  5. vanishing days

    st.martins deep shelter - Dover - Kent - 2008

    Southforelands Deep Shelter not in to bad condition tho

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