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  1. -Raz-

    Walk around Mount St Mary's

    huge place :) Here's my report:
  2. -Raz-

    Mount St Mary's - March '15

    After trying this place a while back and sacking it off as it was a dodgy access, a short while later I saw some pictures of the place and was amazed as to how big it was, fast forward a couple months and on a sunny week day me and Fat Panda headed over and after some head scratching and some...
  3. Landie_Man

    -(sort of permission) St Mary's Church, Buckinghamshire, Jan 2015

    Funny one this really. I’ve known about it for years but thought I’d go and check it out, its situated fairly near my house and there is a public footpath going through a yard which leads to the building. The place is “open to all†but first a key must be obtained from...
  4. Tassadar

    St Mary's Stannington (Visited August 2011) -2013

    Digging through files found this little mouch with Thestig and NIC81, thanks to stig for appalling directions in the woods an giggles History well done in the past no much has st saw a report recently showing not much has changed since we visited. Pics Thanks for looking...
  5. Wevsky

    Great Britain St. Mary's Convent, Folkestone October 2012

    First visited this site a year ago with one flew east but after a 4am start really couldn't be arsed to shoot anything in here as it wasnt doing much for my creative juices..So a year on we where in the area and myself,Spaceinvader Obscurity and Storm Popped our heads in to see how much it had...