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  1. Urban Relics

    Belgium Chapelle de la Rose - May 2019

    At the end of the 13th century a convent was erected on the instructions of a noble lady who lived in this town. The convent at the same time served as a hospital and a monastery for the Augustinian sisters, who were responsible for the care of the sick. Barring a short interruption at the time...
  2. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Royal Papworth (Thorax Hospital) - May 2019

    The Hospital 1918 to 1950's Known as the Cambridgeshire Tuberculosis Colony Founded in 1918 the small village hospital began with the treatment of Tuberculosis soldiers in the First world War. And was directed Sir/DR Pendrill Varrier Jones. 1950s to 1958 Following the developed surgical...
  3. Grindle

    Great Britain Hare and Hounds; Shrewsbury May 2019

    A former roadside pub in Salop subject of a fire in April 2011 Fire chiefs investigating the blaze said there were signs of forced entry to the Hare and Hounds in Cruckton, near Shrewsbury. About 30 firefighters tackled the flames at the pub, after they were called at about 4.30am. A section of...
  4. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Essex Hospital, May 2019

    A little while before our first of two visits I had been surfing the internet for hospital closures, looking for a site some way away. Then, out of nowhere, this pops up.... At first I was skeptical and decided to have a little dig in the forums and almost nothing turned up. So it was...
  5. D

    Great Britain RAE Bedford May 2019

    History RAE Bedford was a research site of the Royal Aircraft Establishment between 1946 and 1994. It was located near the village of Thurleigh, north of the town of Bedford in England and was the site of aircraft experimental development work. (Shamelessly copied from Wikipedia cos I'm a lazy...
  6. Grindle

    Great Britain Plough House Farm Salop: May 2019

    very little of note about this place; shortly to go to auction All the old cars gone as well as a lot of previously posted treasure shame shame shame 
  7. Grindle

    Great Britain Lodge on the lake Brongyntyn Hall: May 2019

    Found this little place whilst mooching at the backend of Brongyntyn Hall; which is well underway in conversion to yuppie flats;  Not much to see really except wonderful mould and magical doorsI believe it is an old boathouse originally built in the 19th century and it backs onto the hall's man...
  8. Tanya Rees

    Great Britain That staircase ! May 2019

    Abandoned 1800’s Manor House 
  9. Tanya Rees

    Millionaires Mansion - May 2019

    First of a great day exploring yesterday.  Amazing millionaires mansion left abandoned, bitter sweet love story attached to this famous actor and actress owners ?
  10. Grindle

    Great Britain Mossley Manor; Mossley: May 2019

    Another well visited place May 2019 Formerly it used to be some form of home for single mothers with children apparently from ireland (salvation army maternity home) , also kim catrell was apparently born there Now the depressing bit Two brothers were fined more than £82,000 after their...
  11. Grindle

    Greenbank Synagogue Mossley May 2019

    Treading a well worn path to this behemoth of a building  The foundation stone for Greenbank Drive Synagogue was laid on 14 June 1936 by Baron Tobias Globe attended by the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Dr J H Hertz. The building was consecrated on August 15 1937 and opened by Professor...
  12. Grindle

    Great Britain Minera Hall; Minera may 2019

    Built in the 18th century Minera Hall was the former family home of the Dutons a timber importing magnate whose buisness collapsed when japan invaded Burma in WW2 halting the teak trade latterly in the later part of the 20th Century the hall became the villabe RBL club and now stands empty and...
  13. PaulRevz

    Army Base, May 2019

    may 2019 Anzio Camp The Anzio Camp is situated near Leek in Staffordshire. The camp was first used by the US Army in 1943, to house troops. In 1945/6 the camp was taken over by Polish troops. After the war it was used as a civilian settlement by the Poles until 1963/4 when they were moved...
  14. PaulRevz

    Great Britain Kwiksave Depo, May 2019

    Came across Abandon Factory didnt know what it was at first, May 2019 Kwik Save is a British discount supermarket chain that was founded in Wales. It had shops across the United Kingdom. It went into administration in July 2007, but was brought back in April 2012. Its shops were small to medium...
  15. SpiderMonkey

    Germany Zeche HR - May 2019

    Before heading to this colliery, we had been viewing photos of the recent demolition. Images of headstocks lying crumpled on the ground didn't exactly give us much hope, but without any other options until much later in the day, we headed on to see if there was at least a scrap of something nice...
  16. Grindle

    Great Britain The Gred: llan-y-pwll Wrexham May 2019

    A nice local one today; had many a great night in here it closed in 2012 with the building of the new by pass killing trade  Only accessed the pub the adjoining function suite locked tight shut alas Friday night  in the adjoining converted barn was rock night in the 70s as a teenager 
  17. Grindle

    Great Britain Caravans and cars Flintshire May 2019

    An interesting drive back yesterday got close to accessing an old hotel before the squatters dogs kicked off then came across some DERPy caravans and cool motors 
  18. Grindle

    Great Britain Finally found in Flintshire May 2019

    It has taken me a few months to finally find this place; it is hidden in the middle of nowhere: A cottage ;2 caravans and 3 sheds crammed full with all sorts of wonderful treasure from engineering stuff to quality vintage porn  The owner died a single man aged 78 yrs in 2016
  19. Dmc68

    Great Britain Bwthyn Afon, Abandoned Cottage On The Glyndwr Way. May 2019.

    A nice way to spend my Bank Holiday Monday. May 2019 Full Video....
  20. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Wenford Dries, Cornwall - May  2018

    As part of another backlog of our West Country Trip, @Mookster, our American Explorer Friend @cgrizzy and myself traveled to this rather derpy site.  It's one of the list but little of interest remains inside; though its quite large, with long concrete voids with some pretty good Graffiti in...