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  1. skeleton key

    Ilford Swimming Pool - May -2012

    Splored with spongebob :P : The place has been pretty well trashed & a far cry from previous the reports Even though well trashed was glad we poked our heads in all the same :thumb Cheers SK :)
  2. Nelly

    Great Britain NK Manor - May 2012

    I won't lie, this is really pic heavy, but I can't cut it down anymore, I've already deleted about 20 photos that I really wanted to show you Massive thanks to SK and Trog who once again found another gem!!! __________________________________ Walking up the drive The Building, I'll start...
  3. Wevsky

    Eastry Chapel May 2012

    Was not going to do a report on this as to be honest it's rather small ,but its always been locked down tight when ive visited the remains of the asylum so when it came to my attention that it was indeed doable with a hour or so to kill before myself and UrbanGinger went elsewhere would be rude...
  4. H

    Bolton Steam Museum May 2011

    As I can not remember if I posted this and find no record on this site This is a late post. After a few fail splores within the Boilton area This was the only place left. If it was not run by steam it was fired up by compressed air.....or held up by screws on d'a walls... There are...
  5. H

    Astley Colliery May 2011

    I Think I have just about run out of BIG Engines for steam powered stuff !!!! so sorry for this post as I have had to go BIGGER !!!. This place has one huge Engine which we didnt expect to come across as we found this place by accident, a main drum of over 120 tons in weight and could bring...
  6. Nelly

    All Saints Church - Berners Roding - Essex - May 2011

    How diverse can urban exploring be? On Sunday I was taking pictures of my adrenaline pumped mates, stripping off and posing for photos in Harold Wood morgue. 24 hours later and I'm sitting all alone in a dusty but serene 700 year old church in the middle of nowhere. Brilliant!!! Information...
  7. silverainbow

    Great Britain Oriental City Shopping Centre, Colindale, May 2011

    Good little explore this one, all was going well till secca appeared with dogs and got us escorted off site by police :police2: Visited with Nelly, Skeleton Key, Msaunder1972, Non Member Ben, Troglodyte, Priority Seven, Wevsky, SpaceInvader and Obscurity. Nelly has more than covered the...
  8. H

    Papplewick Pumping Station, Nottingham May 2011

    T'was a reet nice day out starting with Papplewick Pumping Station which is a reet nice Victorian water pumping station the Engine House holds the original Twin beam Engines which are independent of each other one for pumping the water up from the 200 foot deep well and the other to pump this...
  9. Nelly

    Great Britain Oriental City Shopping Centre - Colindale - May 2011

    Oriental City was a shopping centre in Colindale, London specialising in various oriental foods and items. It is located on Edgware Road The centre contained a large oriental supermarket, and a food court with a range of foods from different areas of South-East Asia; stalls offered Malaysian...
  10. Nelly

    Harold Wood Hospital Morgue - May 2011

    This was a quick fly by visit to Harold Wood purely for the famous morgue. Visited with, wait for it... Skeleton Key, Priority 7, Trog, Wevsky, Silver Rainbow, Space Invader, Obscurity and a non member called Ben. Yup 9 of us in a morgue, tripods everywhere all getting in the way of each others...
  11. H

    Great Britain Brighouse Swimming Pool may 28 2011

    Went in it was day light came out in darkness......well been looking at this place for some time 1 slip on the way in and you would be skewered on't railings..... hell it stinks in ere of pigeon crap......then got attacked by a flying rat before we set up for pic's...... Down into the cellar...
  12. H

    George Barnsley Cornish Works, Sheffield, May 2011

    This place is well nice a big thanks to Blueink top job on info you gave me :thumb . This place is bigger than it looks from the outside MUCH BIGGER !, Ooooozing with goodness from one of the biggest stores to line drive shafts......iwe were in for hours and i still want to go back (and...
  13. H

    Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield, may 2011

    Boy do i pick em !, there is that much to see and write about I can not fit it on this site so this is a snippet and the end link is to my blog where i'm about 3/4 way through what I want out of this place. On my blog is a nice video which i took of the main engine from full speed to reverse in...
  14. silverainbow

    Oil Mills West Dover, May 2011

    Visited with Space Invader,Wevsky & Swampdonkey Oil Mills West, built circa 1800's originally used for bonded oil storage from what I believe would have been the whale trade, later became used for the military and air raid shelters during WWII On with some pics ;) And finally...
  15. silverainbow

    Soldiers Home Tunnels Dover, May 2011

    Visited with Space Invader, Wevsky & Swamp Donkey A bit of History borrowed from "Sub Brit" This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as separate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the...
  16. silverainbow

    Langdon Hole Deep Shelter, Dover, May 2011

    Done on my Jack had just got a new camera and wanted to learn how to use it, was down there for near on 3 hours in total !, plus another local site off my "to-do" list 8-) This deep shelter sunk into the chalk above Langdon Bay just to the east of Dover had two entrances about a hundred yards...
  17. silverainbow

    North Entrance Dover, May 2011

    After a bit of planning with the mighty Space Invader this was my second trip to this worthy Napoleonic structure, the first having been aborted after a certain young chap that was with us fell from a few feet in the air and made enough noise to wake a major city :o , right on with a bit of...
  18. S

    St Magerets Espalande. May 2011

    As this has been done many, many times. I don't think much history Is needed. I shall warn you though, its not much of a report. Pretty much ended up as playing with a new "toy". This was due to God dam bloody pigeons, flying all over the place after we accidently disturbed them by walking in...
  19. Wevsky

    GrayLingWell Asylum May 2011

    Right this was to be our second trip of the day/plan B,, Original plan was royal haslar..thing is when we got there very early we where met by security from the other side of the fence who asked us"are you looking for your mates"To this we replied haven't a clue what your on about mate where...
  20. silverainbow

    Connaught Road Tunnel, May 2011

    Visited with Space Invader, Wevsky, Obscurity, Nelly and Skeleton Key I see that Nelly has already done a top report and pretty much covered the history but heres a little more; The history of the Connaught Tunnel dates back to 1878. It allowed the railway to be diverted under the Connaught...