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  1. lucan

    Great Britain Old School, Midlands - Feb 2019

    Closed due to two local schools merging  and getting a newly built school to move into  Planning permission has been given to demolish the site and build houses Visited with the elusive , and thanks for the tipoff K On with the snaps...
  2. lucan

    Great Britain Carpet Factory - Midlands 2018

    Not much left , not vandalised and loads of decay and bird poo and dive bomming  pigeons, been closed a few years now  on with the pics thanks for looking
  3. lucan

    Great Britain Old Tarts House , Midlands - 2018

    Spotted this while out and about so popped in for a look, not a great deal left behind In the middle of a small town on the Shropshire border Had to be fairly quiet as it is surrounded by houses Looks like its not been lived in for a couple of years A stable block out back, loads of TV sets...
  4. lucan

    Great Britain holiday shak , midlands aug 2018

    spotted this while out with the family ,made a note where it was and went back for a look one room at the back had caught fire and collapsed in on the sitting room , i cant go to much into detail about the fire , it wasnt arson ,it is due to its location and proximity to somthing that causes...
  5. lucan

    Great Britain asbestos house , midlands 2017

    not much history to find on this house , somewhere in the midlands couldnt get a decent external shot due to the ammount of growth round it, the house was one of those prefab jobs made from fibre board containing white asbestos i liked the wallpaper in some rooms it was very 1970s old nova...
  6. SpiderMonkey

    Acid Land! - 2014

    Hello again! Finally covered most of this site after about three six hour visits, it's MASSIVE! :D I loved this place, plenty to see and there's always the chance of some action :thumb Overall a great explore! Demolition is soon to be in full swing sadly, I'll miss the place.Visited earlier...
  7. SpiderMonkey

    The Post Office - 2014

    First visited at the beginning of the year with a few of the locals. Then a recent revisit with AndyK!, Miz Firestorm and Kriegaffe9. Designed by Julius Bradley and opened in 1935 to replace a Victorian Post Office close-by on Granby Street. It also acted as a sorting office for City Centre and...
  8. Pieman

    Hello from the Midlands

    Hello - first off, thanks to Mookster for telling me about this site. I'm Dave, aged 28 from the Midlands (South Staffs to be exact). I have yet to go on my first explore mainly due to my work, but I will hopefully be able to go on a 'splore soon.
  9. Matt Inked

    Derby Royal Infirmary, Derby - May 2014

    Today was my second explore, and I was accompanied by hamtagger It was however cut short by some of the lovely locals who were drinking at 11am and swinging a bat around. Most likely trying to strip what little copper is left in the building. (We didn't fancy having to go all Jackie Chan on...
  10. sj9966

    A small Pumping Station in The Midlands, April 2014

    A quick Bank Holiday solo visit to this old Pumping Station. Commissioned in 1949, I’m not sure as to when it was decommissioned but it looks like it may have been a while. Its a very small place, basically there’s only two rooms to see but there’s some nice old control...
  11. nickynackynoo

    Sandwell Revisted, West Midlands, June 2013

    Ok, met up with Judderman and ZerO81 to give them a quick orientation, Seeing as I was there, took a few snaps. This place is going downhill very quickly. Loads more bits smashed to hell in the space of a few weeks. Missed the A/V suites last time, so popped in to this block to find it has been...
  12. nickynackynoo

    Hospital St G. Midlands, June 2013

    Been on about doing this place for a while. Judderman and ZerO81 fancied a quick trip to Sandwell, so I thought I'd bob in here first for a wander before meeting the guys. Not a massive amount of history, St Gerards was the result of Father Hudsons vision for a purpose built infirmary for both...
  13. nickynackynoo

    Sandwell College, West Midlands, May 2013

    OK, I know this place has been done to death, but ever since it appeared I've always fancied a mooch round. Was done solo, after a recent arson attack and various thefts, it seems that demolition is on the cards, so off I toddled. History pinched as is custom; Evening classes in Science and...
  14. shatners

    How do, Shatners from't Midlands

    Hello all, I was pointed here by a friend so having lurked and browsed the excelent site for a while I thought I would do the decent thing and say all reet :D Im Mat, been into dodging metal theiving hedgehog eaters whilst looking around old buidlings for a while now but only been documenting...