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  1. coolboyslim

    Great Britain Loomer Road Stadium, Newcastle Under Lyme - December 2019

    Hi all something a little different from me but i still hope you enjoy. This was a moouch with @gronk to see this place thats just closed down. It was also a greyhound track and was a decent mooch so i thought i would upload it and let you see it. History from wiki Loomer Road Stadium is a...
  2. J

    New Member

    Hi  New Member from nottingham area looking forward to posting and interacting.
  3. Dmc68

    New Barn Farm AKA House of the Damned

    I wonder if it sold..
  4. S

    New--Spokane, WA

    Hey! I'm Solixio, feel free to call me Sol, I joined looking for places to explore near me, in Spokane. If you have places I'd love to know where or what they're like, I'm becoming very fascinated with Urban Exploration, any information is welcomed and appreciated! ?
  5. Grindle

    New adventures

    Wrexham based guy here<looking to hook up. Got the bug after visiting prypyat earlier this year anyone in n wales n west areas exploring please?
  6. 1

    Need New Places Ohio

    I am looking for new places to urbex. I am from the northeast Ohio area near Akron. Feel free to email me if you have any places you are willing to share. I will exchange places. my email is [email protected] I attached some images from previous urbexes.
  7. kingjoseph

    Hello, I'm Joseph and i'm new here!

    Hello, I'm new here but have been an explorer for a couple of years. Located around N.C and V.A. just posted to say hi!
  8. marsbarss080


    So, Hi! My name's Mars, I'm from Central California and I've been interested in urban exploring for some time, though I've never actually gone exploring myself, but I want to change that. Kind of, overcoming my anxiety and looking to have a fun time. Old buildings are endlessly interesting to...
  9. U

    new here

    hi all just in new pictures from part 5 germany
  10. crabb

    The new Falcon House 28th july 18

    As usual with our explores, they are never really a walk in the park. Access to the building itself was a challenge as the top area in which we needed to go was locked off completely. Thankfully, being quite adapted to the tasks at hand, we managed to ride on top of a lift to gain access to the...
  11. crabb

    New cam!

    Hi all. We have invested in a new camera and went out during the night to see how well it can handle the low light images. The result was actually rather impressive! So please enjoy the snaps we managed to get. It isn't a new area, but it is a good place to get some shots. Feel free to let us...
  12. Admin

    New guys - Exploring old abandoned WW2 Sites currently!

    Hello JohnUrbex, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. JohnUrbex joined on the 05/14/2018. View Member
  13. Himeiji

    France Paris metro - new tunnel - January 2018

    In early 2018 we visited one of the new tunnels of Paris metro which for the moment (May 2018) is still under construction. Recently I was told that this place is no longer accessible due to active works that doesn't stop even at night, so I will publish some pictures. Btw, we managed to get in...
  14. AndyK!

    Great Britain Old Royal High School / New Parliament House, Edinburgh - Feb 2018

    We had no idea how we would get on here. After driving through the night and arriving in the early hours, our entry was just awful! As we sat in the freezing cold, and the light started to appear at the windows, we could see it was worth the effort. Visited with @SpiderMonkey, obvs! History...
  15. AndyK!

    New member introductions

    If you have recently joined the forum.... Welcome! It's always nice for new member to say hello. We don't need an autobiography, just a hi and where you're from will be enough.   Please take a look at the guides in out technical help section before posting your first report...
  16. RossWAdventures


    Hi all   Just another explorer and adventure seeker as fro the start of 2017 i started to film and make short movies from my adventures and explores, I've been urban exploring ever since i can remember but i'm new to the forums.. I look forward to sharing experiences and connecting with like...
  17. RossWAdventures

    Great Britain Meadows Cottage (Lancashire) - May 2017

    I've code named this place as Meadows Cottage. This place is a hidden time capsule, with diaries and newspapers from as early as the 1940's. The most recent items had dates around the 1980's so it's hard to say how long this place has even been abandoned for. I actually explored this place back...
  18. J

    New Liverpool Explorer

    hello all. just thought I would introduce 6ft 2 31 years or age male from Liverpool. im a newbee and very adventurous and daring with a great personality. I know Liverpool offers a new world of hidden gems to explore. willing to try anything; even if its risky. i am looking to...
  19. Hippie Alien

    Hello from Barnsley, s.yorks

    Hello everyone, just bobbing in to say hello, I are new here! Got a few explores done and many more to come. Would love to meet up with some local explorers at some point and get to know some of you lot, come say hi :)
  20. Nelly

    Great Britain New Passmores School - Harlow - Feb 2011

    This is the construction of the NEW Passmores School in Harlow The old Passmores school still sits on a completely different site about 2 miles away. This new school was built on the site of the demolished Brays Grove School, so why didn't they just call the new school Brays Grove? Who knows...