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  1. KPUrban_

    Great Britain N-Staffs Royal Infirmary, Stoke, November 2019

    Intro It's a well known site and has been well and truly done to death until recently. With 8 Operating rooms sharing 17 Lights, A morgue, A&E, Numerous wards and a heavy mix of natural decay and grime it has always been a good one to explore. The Hospital As mentioned it has been done way too...
  2. H

    Hello from Greenbsoro, North Carolina

    Two new urbex girls who have a passion for photography and architecture!
  3. Grindle

    Great Britain Adwy Deg North Wales February 2019

    known to explorers by its nick name! Adwy Deg; the fair retreat Life was hard for Welsh hill farmers; the nearest road to this property is a mile away; The date of the turnpike road newly-constructed between 1777 and 1823 supports the suggestion that the settlement of this central area is...
  4. Grindle

    North Wales Wreck - March 2019

    A former childrens home part of the Operational Pallial sexual abuse investigation and latterly a residential home for the elderly; the access points to the main building have recently been glued and screwed; still a good mooch round the other buildings
  5. a World in Ruins

    North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary - Sept 2018

    First a little History [you all know it, but it's good to include anyway] ? The Dispensary – the first public hospital in North Staffordshire – opened in Etruria in April 1804 and was funded in part by the Wedgewood family. It gave sick patients the chance to see an Apothecary for diagnosis and...
  6. BrotherHoodUrbex

    Great Britain North Wales Nursing Home (Maes Mynan Hall), Wales - August 2018

    History Maes Mynan care home was a two floor 33 bedroom care home on a site of 2.6 acres. The care home was for the elderly and it had its own day service and its own respite service for a short stay and emergency placements. The site was bought in 2013 by the healthcare company and has been...
  7. Jake Alan Crag

    North Wales Hospital, Denbigh

    Hey everyone, so I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of this place so i dont really need to explain much about it, but if you haven't, below is a brief history of Denbigh Mental Asylum. Grade 2 Listed building. Built work started in 1844 Building work completed in 1848 Built to house up to 200...
  8. farmer.ned

    Great Britain visit to mass/brightbus north anston sheffield pt 2 the final years

    this second part nearly didnt happen as when i arrived i found the yard had changed hands and was all set to write it off as a waste of time and head home untill i spotted something in the far corner of the yard and sought permission to take some photographs which was given by way of intercom so...
  9. farmer.ned

    visit to mass/brightbus north anston sheffield pt 1

    mass/brightbus was the parent company of leon purchased in 2004 and stated in my leon post one of my other to do yards as this would be a very lengthy report and so as not to spoil the present report i have decided to split this in to 2 parts the mass/brightbus depot was located on houghton...
  10. WildBoyz

    St. Peter’s Orphanage and School, Gainford - May 2016

    History St. Peter’s Orphanage and School was established in 1900, following completion of the purpose-built premises. The building, which could accommodate 300 boys, was funded by the Catholic Church and run by the Sisters of the Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. The orphanage was later...
  11. Lavino

    Cornist hall north wales 2015

  12. Bam Boostick

    [UK] Kinmel Hall -Rhyl, North Wales

    Came across this one; Kinmel Hall near Rhyl - North Wales. Not too far from me so I'm going to do a little research about reaching the place via public transport (unfortunately I don't drive..). Some history on the Hall: The article...
  13. Ferox

    Lluesty Hospital, Holywell. North Wales. June 2015.

    Had a day round North Wales afew weeks ago with Urblex, great day as usual mate. This place was the second explore of the day. The place is quite trashed to be honest, reminding me of a mix of Cookridge and Billinge Hospitals. An enjoyable little mooch all in all, worth a look if your in the...
  14. Merryprankster

    St Josephs Seminary - May - 2015 PIC HEAVY cus i love wood!!

    BEEP BEEP tour bus coming through! Yeah its been a touristy weekend, never bumped into another explorer until this weekend and bumped into other explorers at two separate locations in one day! To be honest though i couldnt give a sheet, i've wanted to see Joe's for a long time and it was bloody...
  15. MiaroDigital

    North Wales Hospital / Asylum D. - [visit 05/2015]

    What a amazing building, the next Location from my "Have-to-see" list is done! :D 1. North Wales Hospital 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. North Wales Hospital 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. North Wales Hospital 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. North Wales Hospital 04 by...
  16. Andy

    North Wales Hospital (visited 05/2015)

    Very well known, why I don't will tell the history, for the umpteenth time. For me it was the first visit of an hospital / Mental Asylum in UK. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 (I've retouched the "ornate penis-graffiti" from...
  17. Lenston

    Rhosydd Slate Mine - North Wales - April 2015

    The Trip Visited with The Kwan An amazing location with so much to see in the area, weather wasnt amazing but just added to the moodyness of the place. This was a reserve location as we couldnt find the other which will be on the return visit. Possibly July there will be a camping trip...
  18. Urban_Explorer

    North Leamington School

    Hi Guys, Am hoping to head down to North Leamington school in the next week or so and just wanted a bit of help from you lot, i am wanting to know if the building still stands & what is it like for security & General exploring of the place?.... could any one who has been to explore the...
  19. hamtagger

    North Wales Hospital, Denbighshire - March 2015

    North Wales Hospital AKA Denbigh Asylum The Explore I couldn’t do a tour around Wales without calling into to see this one. After already being awake for a long time i’m not even sure what time we arrived or indeed when we left but myself and Session9 had a good few hours in here, which...
  20. Session9

    North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - March 2015

    NORTH WALES HOSPITAL, DENBIGH - MARCH 2015 History Designed by architect Thomas Full James to originally accommodate between 60 and 200 patients, the hospital originally had its own farm and gasworks. Planned for closure by Enoch Powell during the 1960s, it was closed in sections from 1991...