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  1. Discomental

    Introduction to Norwegian-exploration

    Hello! So I recently signed up here and I thought I should share some images and some stories about how things are done up here in Norway. If you don't like text just go down and you will find some pictures :) When starting to browse these forums I see 10 different huge industrial sites...
  2. Discomental


    Hello everyone! Long time member of the facebook-group but today it hit me I never registered on the forums so I thought it was time! I come from the cold north, Norway. Ever since I was a kid I explored the leftovers from world war II (we have A LOT), I studied film then went to photography...
  3. northerngeek

    WWII Machine gun position. April 2014.

    This one's inspired by GiJo's small sized WWII finds :-) It's just a machine gun position. From WWII. Built by the german occupants. Located in the woods a few miles south of Oslo. Over looking the main road to Oslo at the time. They'd also stacked masses of stone on the cliffs above the road...
  4. northerngeek

    Truck. 2014.

    I happened to find an abandoned truck. Just some photos.
  5. northerngeek

    Abandoned retirement home. 2014.

    I decided to check out two locations that were said to be thrashed, destroyed, nothing more to see. There were threads on it on a local UE forum, describing vandalism done as soon as the became well known locations. Well. For the other location I agree on that. (I've posted another report on...
  6. northerngeek

    Thrashed place. Roadside diner. (just sad) April 2014

    Just a sad report. I've checked a local UE forum for locations. Seems it was quite popular when it started. People posting reports and sharing locations openly. But wether it's people logged on to the forum or because discussions are openly searcheable and readable om the web, locations pretty...
  7. northerngeek

    Cars and houses (sept 2013) feb 2014 (pic heavy)

    I'd seen this place through the trees when driving by. I went to check if it was abandoned. I think it was a farm originally, then turned into auto shop/garage/towing or something similar. Several sheds farm style 159 (2) (640x427) by yippiyey, on Flickr Walking up to the main house 162...
  8. northerngeek

    Old Lier Mental Hospital. 2nd visit. Building A & E. Jan 2014 (okt 2013)

    My 2nd visit to the abandoned buildings of Lier Mental Hospital. Our plan was to explore building A. That was the most visited building, and also the most thrashed. My fellow splorer had been there many times. On my first visit there we were in building A at night, basically walking through...
  9. northerngeek

    Abandoned and derelict house with snow :-). Jan. 2014

    Today's catch. Simply one of the houses I've checked out and posted report on earlier. Snow came. And I thought maybe it looks fun with snow. Went there today. And this is how it looks with snow. That's all :-). :-)
  10. northerngeek

    Abandoned farm/home. Interior. 2014 (autumn 2013)

    There was this farm that looked as if it could be abandoned. So I went to check. You can't really know. Sometimes they look completely on their last legs and it turns out people still live there, or at least use them for something. And sometimes they look quite fine, but are long since...
  11. northerngeek

    Old house (nov 2013)

    One of the old, abandoned, derelict houses in the aerea where I live. I don't know the history of this house. Will add if I find out. It's located in rural farm land, and may very well be an old farm house. But it's also close to a church, so it may be a clergy house or similar. The shape of the...
  12. northerngeek

    Not so urban (summer 2013)

    In rural aereas of Norway there are a lot of abandoned farms and derelict farm buildings. A lot. Some farms abandoned completely, more often one or several buildings no longer maintained and falling apart. A vast number of barns, because it's no longer run as a farm, people just live there. And...
  13. urbexosaurus

    O'Melt-Down! (Aug. 2013)

    Finally back.. :D Was out for a few month due to some unfortunate events and haven't had much time till now to do cool things. Anyway, finally finding some time again, so started to work on the loads of pics i still have lying around and doing some new explores as well. :) The pics below...
  14. northerngeek

    Building ready for demolition, Oslo, Norway. (2013)

    I found this building by chance. Was out walking with my camera, and there it was. Ready for demolition, and comletely stripped except for two pianos and a pile of electrical stuff. I'm not sure, but I think it was built in the 1800ds as a warehouse and offices thingy. 5 stories, bricks. Close...
  15. northerngeek

    Abandoned railway tunnel (2013)

    Abandoned railway tunnel in Oslo, Norway. One of my first splores. Location was shared with me by splorer I met in an abandoned building nearby, and when I was in the tunnel I met two others, one of them who's been my fellow splorer since :-).
  16. northerngeek

    Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. (2013)

    Lier Mental Hospital, Norway Built 1921, 5 buildings closed 1985 the Interior was removed 2010. Demolition started Autumn 2013 and the Photos from july 2013, from just one of the buildings. The Hospital area still has several buildings in full use. r...
  17. northerngeek

    Hi :-)

    Just saying hi :-). New here today. Looking for people to explore with, and interresting sites. Mainly in Østlandet, Norway, simply because that's where I live so it's the easiest. But I also love to travel to explore, so opportunities to do that is also most welcome :-).