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  1. P

    Hey all! I’m new on here :)

    Literally started doing this about 2 months ago. I’ve got a couple of locations in mind I can’t wait to go and explore!
  2. hamtagger

    Hardys and Hansons Brewery, Nottinghamshire - February 2016

    Hardys and Hansons Brewery   The Explore   Visited with @Urbexbandoned. After checking out some other potential new sites in the area that day and having no luck with those, we found ourselves near here and decided to swing by and have a look. Was quite surprised to find that it still had...
  3. born2misbehave

    Hi from Nottingham!

    Hi everyone! I just signed up this morning, on the recommendation of mrtoby, who tells me this is to place to be. I used to go exploring quite a bit in my younger days, then had a baby, and just getting into the swing of things again now she's fifteen months old. I work as a dog handler in an...
  4. H

    Papplewick Pumping Station, Nottingham May 2011

    T'was a reet nice day out starting with Papplewick Pumping Station which is a reet nice Victorian water pumping station the Engine House holds the original Twin beam Engines which are independent of each other one for pumping the water up from the 200 foot deep well and the other to pump this...
  5. R

    Great Britain Beeston Maltings, Nottingham

    NOTE: Dont get your hopes up about this place, its sealed up now The buildings were originally the site of the Beeston Brewery which was founded in 1896 and carried on production until 1922 when it was taken over by Shipstones & Sons and converted into maltings, which served the main...
  6. Shadow

    Merrin's Tannery, Nottingham 09

    Hey all, heres me and Jesus's latest.. This is one of Nottinghams few remaining tanneries and the only other underground tannery. (The main one is featured in nottinghams city of caves attraction). Originally tunneled out of Sandstone it consists of a few rooms underneath a lace market house...
  7. Shadow

    Great Britain Lace Factory - Nottingham - 24/03/09

    In the time after my recent fame in teh nooospaper of doom I received a rather interesting email. From the owner of a derelict factory stating that it was to be redeveloped and that he wanted some photos of it before it was changed forever. Now let me explain, that this is not a report, but...
  8. Shadow

    Sorting Office - Nottingham 29.01.08

    Stupid bloody spur of the moment explores...Gotta love em. Whilst walking back from doing a quick site visit with a dodgy kodak compact from work, I spotted an open door, what good fortune ;) Only got a few pics cos I was due back at work, should hopefully revisit soon...
  9. Shadow

    Great Western Line Bridge - Nottingham 13.01.09

    First report of the new year, and by gum was it worth it I'm sure some of you will recall the lengths at which I attempted to persuade my fellow Nottingham lad BravoZeRo to join me for climbing this. Not to be compared with the likes of that bloody show off Dsankt and his ridicules...
  10. Shadow

    Great Britain Nottingham Forest FC Stadium 23 /06 / 08

    Awesome explore all round. Infiltration much? :P Had a couple of very close calls haha. Nottingham Forest play their home games at The City Ground, which has been their home, directly across the Trent from city rivals, Notts County, since 1898. Before they settled at The City Ground, which is...